Faber-Castell E-Motion Pure Black - Fountain penfaber-emotion-pure-bk-fpIf any fountain pen qualifies as stealth, it’s definitely this new Faber-Castell Special Edition Pure Black e-motion. Featuring a PVD-coating and an elegant cigar shape, the e-motion is substantial in weight and looks.

The solid brass barrel shows off the subtle guilloché diamond pattern engraving. Supplied with a converter for use with bottled ink, the Faber-Castell Pure Black e-motion also accepts the common international-sized cartridges.

The black PVD coated steel nib is only available as a medium.

The Faber-Castell Special Edition Pure Black e-motion is currently available for pre-order through some retailers and is expected to ship some time this month. The black PVD coating demands a $40 premium over the standard resin e-motion fountain pens with a list price of $175.

Please read my Hands-on Review of the Faber-Castell e-motion for more information.

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  • kondro

    OMG! I must have this pen!

  • Scrib

    A pen that is only available in medium has to be really something special for me to want to buy it. Too bad this is rarely the case.

    • kondro

      These medium nibs tend to run quite broad in my experience, if that helps.

      • Scrib

        No, it does the opposite :P

        I’m a fine or extra fine guy. Thanks though.

  • Will Platt

    That clip is awesome!

    • Tony Rex

      That springy clip is nice indeed.

  • snedwos

    I do find this pen bottom heavy unposted and top heavy posted. Which is a shame, because the nib I tried was very nice.

  • Tamara

    Nice, but I just gifted my E-Motion because I found it uncomfortable to write with :( The weight and girth of the pen make it not quite right for small hands (in my experience).

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    Nice :)

  • Bodah Christiansen

    Love it. The cap and the nib are quite impressive especially.

  • Derek

    Cult Pens have them in stock already.

  • kondro

    I mentioned this to Dennis and he ordered them today (should arrive in stock tomorrow): http://www.lacouronneducomte.nl/webstore/main/motion-pure-black-fountain-p-4721.html

  • Maja

    Ok, I have to ask—is this obsession with “stealth” pens a guy thing or what?? :)

  • UK Mike

    I handled one of these today. Beautifully finished, really hefty and solid – but is it really worth the extra over a standard e-Motion?

    Currently in UK the Black Stealth is around twice the street price of a standard resin version. That is too big a jump in my opinion.

    Really smooth nib however.

  • Bijan

    My search for ideal pen is over: “Faber-Castell Pure Black e-motion Fountain Pen”