This week Stephen, Dan, and Tim discuss the upcoming DC Super Show, spreading the gospel of the nib, and our picks for burgundy ink.


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Hosts: Stephen Brown & Dan Smith

Special Guest: Our very own Bad Cartoonist, Tim Hofmann!

~ Show Notes ~
Video Broadcast of this Episode

Our Ink List for Burgundy:
Stephen: Diamine Oxblood
Tim: Organics Studio Edgar Allen Poe
Dan: Visconti Bordeaux

News from the past week:
The Franklin-Christoph Piper Classic Rock Fountain Pen
Taccia Nishijin Kimono 5 Slot Pen Wrap
Inkcyclopedia: J. Herbin Rose Tendresse
TWSBI shows off what’s possible with an unreleased IROC 850
Ask the Professor – Season 3, Episode 5
Anderson Pens acquire Snorkel Solutions, repairers heard rejoicing round the world
“El Esquire” shows us his Daily Carry

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  • Bugs

    Everybody here at Maroon Studios enjoyed the show. It’s a little slice of heaven! We also {heart} Mrs. Brown for rescuing Lecter the Psychopathic Parrot. Thanks, Mrs. B, you made our day.

  • Beowulf50

    While I did miss Azizah on the show, I have to admit that this was one of the funniest podcasts you have done. Great job! I just wish Tim was my neighbor…….insanity would definitely ensue.

  • gordonhudsonnu

    For giveaway pens I used to use the Hero pens. I could get 10 for £6 at one time. Also, there were (still are) thousands of Parker Vector pens out there with the batman logo on them and a zip up case. I was getting these for £3 at one stage with the case and cartridge. Anyone know how those came to be made in such vast quantities?

  • John

    For God’s sake get rid of those damn birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!