montblanc_heritage_1912_fountainpen_vulpenFollowing up the Heritage Collection 1912 Limited Edition from last year, Montblanc is releasing a limited production version made from their “precious” resin at a greatly reduced price.

The Heritage Collection 1912 pays tribute to the roots of Montblanc and is capturing the pioneering spirit of the early 20th century, which was characterized by fundamental changes in the lifestyle and many inventions.

Montblanc Simplo Safety Filler

Montblanc Simplo Safety Filler

For the Heritage Collection 1912 fountain pen Montblanc takes its inspiration from the original technological impact of the Simplo Safety Filler – one of the first fountain pens launched approximately 100 years ago. This Fountain Pen both innovates with its new technology and celebrates the pioneering spirit of the early 20th century. A new two-step screw mechanism combines the retractable nib movement as well as the piston filling mechanism.

The Heritage Collection 1912 fountain pen is made from deep precious black resin with platinum plated fittings. The top of the cap features the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl lacquer under a dome of transparent resin. It also features a new 14 kt solid gold nib, rhodium plated, with a smooth writing style, triangular heart-hole and contemporary shape.

The Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912 Resin Fountain Pen is available for pre-order from La Couronne du Comte for €880 with an expected ship date some time in August.

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  • Precious plastic

    Probably a decent pen but at a laughable price. One for the MB fans only

  • Steve Light on Facebook


  • Julian Chan on Facebook

    Greatly reduced price? Not only does it look plain and boring(but I can understand its supposed to represent the older simplo) with no trimmings to justify the cost, but it costs more than a standard 149. As much as I am a fan of Montblanc and have many of their pens, I am also not dumb. No thanks and bad move with pricing Montblanc.

  • Julian Chan on Facebook

    That’s not really a comparison though..fact is the pen has minimal trimming, it’s a big chunk of resin with a gold nib..Don’t see how it can or should cost anymore than a standard 149

  • Laurel Hardy

    My Precious Resin, indeed.

    • allen

      Wouldn’t you like to see just one press release from a pen company that didn’t have the word “precious” preceding the noun describing the material of the pen body? Especially when that material is resin? I think they ought to restrict their use of this adjective–or similar adjectives–to components, decoration, platings, or fittings composed of elements that can only be recovered from the earth’s crust or ocean depths during certain times of the year and only in quantities measured in hundreds of ounces worldwide.

      Am I the only pen lover who just once wants to see a pen company release that says “We have a new pen. We think you’ll like it. Here’s a few pictures. We hope you’ll find it appealing. A list of relevant components is appended (e.g., nib rhodium-plated 14k). Thanks for buying our stuff.”

      • orfew

        ‘Precious resin’ is a too literal translation of the German ‘Edelharz’. Edel meaning special or precious and harz meaning resin. Also, companies other than Montblanc have used the term.

  • ethernautrix

    I want that.

    But I’m not going to pay that amount for one.



    Probably not ever, but, you know… who knows if fortune will favor me and this amount will seem piddling? Never say never!

    • Dan Smith

      I imagine the US pricing will be more reasonable. As soon as I have confirmation I’ll update the post.

      • ethernautrix

        Ah. Just saw some other photos, saw this pen capped. Too bad the cap and barrel aren’t flush. That’s a deal breaker.

        Hahaha. Grasping at straws ovah heah.

        • Dan Smith

          The cap barrel aren’t flush on your MB 100 Year, is it? What about your Pelikan Toledo? I mean, c’mon, look at those uninterrupted lines from section to barrel. Just image how comfortable that’d be!

          You know you need this, Lisa.

          • ethernautrix

            I have seen more photos…. I do need this pen. Dammit.

  • Julian Chan on Facebook

    I have quite a few nice writer editions etc n can c how those r priced how it is, but for this one I have difficulty accepting it but oh well..

  • Will Platt

    A retractable piston filler sounds awesome! Does it actually seal in the cap like a saftey pen?

  • arthurdent

    I bought one today.

    Amazing is the only word to describe it.

    (Yes, I’m a big fan of MB.)

  • Wayne Robinson

    Could someone please explain to me the purpose of the retractable nib?

    • Dan Smith

      The new Heritage Collection 1912 is an homage to the original Simplo Safety Filler. As so why safety fillers were used in the past, check out VintagePens’ history of the safety filler

      Today, with modern materials and feeds, there’s really no practical reason to a retractable nib pen with a cap. Mostly, it’s just really freakin’ cool.