First appearing in the 1930s, the Ducale fountain pen marked the arrival of haute de gamme writing instruments for Elmo – the original name for Montegrappa. “Ducale” acknowledges the famed Doge’s Palace, or the Palazzo Ducale, one of the symbols of Venice and a masterpiece of Gothic design. Located in Piazza San Marco, between the Piazzetta and the Pier, it embodies the essence of Venetian culture and tradition. Such ideals were incorporated into a pen that exudes sophistication and dignity.

For Montegrappa – based for over a century in its home of Bassano del Grappa and located a mere 80km from Venice – the proximity of this remarkable city and the grandeur of its architecture add to the significance of a pen whose form was inspired by both. A generously-sized writing instrument, demonstrating perfect balance, the Ducale is a joy to hold and a delight with which to write.

Consisting of a rollerball, a ballpoint and a fountain pen, Ducale pens are manufactured from black resin and trimmed with a choice of palladium or rose gold-plated, or in a pearly Emperador Brown resin, offered with rose gold-plated trim. The fountain pen is available with fine, medium or broad nibs, as best suits the writing style of the user. As with all Montegrappa pens, the clip terminates in the signature ball to facilitate easy removal from or insertion into one’s pocket.

The new Montegrappa Ducale fountain pens feature a steel nib and utilize the cartridge/converter filling system. Each Ducale fountain pen will retail for $350.

Montegrappa Ducale fountain pen

Montegrappa Ducale Rose & Black Fountain Pen – MSRP: $350

Montegrappa Ducale fountain pen

Montegrappa Ducale Palladium & Black Fountain Pen – MSRP: $350

Montegrappa Ducale fountain pen

Montegrappa Ducale Rose & Brown Fountain Pen – MSRP: $350

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  • snedwos

    The brown one is gorgeous!

  • Beowulf50

    The pen looks nice, but at $350 for a steel nib, c/c pen, you are clearly paying for the name.

    • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

      That’s MSRP. Actual street price should be about 20% lower. But, yes, you’re still paying a premium for the name.

  • AndyT

    The rose gold really suits the brown stripy one. The designers have exercised a little more restraint than usual, which is no bad thing … unfortunately the accountants have not.


    I’m a sucker for rose gold and I don’t mind c/c, but $275 at most retailers for a c/c steel nibbed pen? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make the jump to Italian pens :/

  • Kai S

    It’s gorgeous no doubt, but a steel nib pen that is supposed to symbolise the Palazzo Ducale is just not right. and the price is as usual — double of what would be considered somewhat reasonable.

  • Hat in the Ring

    Where’s the sterling silver? Concur on the steel nib – disappointing. Would have been nice to see something with some color.

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