The Pilot Justus 95 fountain pen is a new and adjustable nib fountain pen that looks quite intriguing. This isn’t just a plain fountain pen – they have a black resin barley pattern with gold trim…

The Justus 95 has a 14k gold nib that is adjustable, allowing the user to make the nib softer or more rigid by changing the tension ajduster at the top of the gripping section. The “H” corresponds to a hard setting, offering smooth writing, and “S” corresponds to a soft setting, offering line variation and a flexible point. There is a full range of settings to choose from.

The Justus 95 fills by cartridge/converter and is available with a fine or medium nib. The MSRP is $390 but should sell around $312, which is not too bad for such a unique pen. These are currently available for pre order, and is scheduled for an October 2013 launch in the US, though it has been available in Japan for awhile now.

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  • Justin Chan Hsian Loon on Facebook

    this has been reviewed and dismissed as a mockery of the word adjustable…

  • Chad Trent

    The black is nice, but this one needs to be made in a demonstrator…

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    I have the original vintage model, great pen…. however i’m not so sure about the current asking price…. i got mine for just about 100

  • youstruckgold

    looks intriguing. Would love to see a review of how it writes/adjusts

  • Scribble Monboddo

    There’s a review on FPN which suggests that the writing feel adjusts, but there is no difference to line variation – so what’s the point?

    • Dustin_Brown

      “The writing feel adjusts”
      It looks like you just stated the point.