pelikan fantasia maki-e fountain pen capped

pelikan fantasia maki-e fountain pen

With this latest Limited Edition, Pelikan launches a Maki-e fountain pen that is both unusual and stunningly beautiful. Instead of the more typical landscapes, the Fantasia depicts a traditional Japanese design called “Komon Pattern”, which is commonly used for elegant Japanese Kimonos. Eight hexagons with eight different styles create subtle color combinations that delight the eye due to a wealth of details, all painted with painstaking love.

The hexagons are surrounded by cherry blossoms in a reddish golden color which are based on a varying background that is painted with the “Byakudan-Nuri” technique, using gold leaf and clear lacquer. Due to this technique, the lacquer shimmers with surprising depth in a red and orange glow when you turn the fountain pen in your hands.

For the Pelikan Fantasia Maki-e fountain pen, the elaborate kaga Togidashi-Taka-Maki-e technique was used. It is a masterpiece that combines German craftsmanship, based on over 175 years of tradition & technology, with superior Japanese Maki-e painting techniques which are renowned all over the world.

The Pelikan logo on the crown, the Limited Edition number, and the artist’s signature are all drawn by hand, using Maki-e technique. This series is limited to 88 pieces worldwide. Each fountain pen has an 18 carat, bi-color gold nib and is encased in a traditional Japanese pen box made of Paulownia wood.

Available in August/September 2013
RRP S$3,852.00 (~$3000 USD)

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  • Chris Coppola on Facebook

    Wow. That is incredible. Too bad I’m not rich!

  • Valerie Lavender on Facebook

    Oh, you jazzy bird!

  • Jerrilyn Swersky on Facebook


  • Matt Armstrong

    I’m generally not that big a fan of the Maki-e pens (just not my thing), but this one is stunning. *drool*

    • Maja

      +1 !!

      It’s gorgeous………..

  • Lindsay Sheffield on Facebook


  • Michel_de_Montreal

    Wow, that’s all i can say…

  • Dustin_Brown

    So it looks like my kid isnt going to college. Thanks FPG!

  • FPD

    That is really a show stopper. Beautifully done!

  • Tony Rex

    Considering the pen itself already cost ~500 it’s a bargain…

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  • Mira

    anyone know where I can preorder this?

  • Xina Broderick

    Absolutely stunning!