As usual, TWSBI is asking their fans what direction they should take on two new color schemes for the Diamond 580 fountain pen. Both pens feature a white cap, section, and piston knob, which I’m calling the White Classic. The decision comes down to what color trim should be on the pen: rose gold or chrome?

twsbi diamond 580 fountain pen white chrome trim prototype

TWSBI Diamond 580 fountain pen prototype in White Classic with chrome trim.

twsbi diamond 580 fountain pen rose gold trim concept

TWSBI Diamond 580 fountain pen render in White Classic with rose gold trim.

The overwhelming majority on facebook are calling out for rose gold. I typically don’t like rose gold trim, and I don’t here, but the bigger issue is that the render of the rose gold doesn’t accurately represent what rose gold really looks like. I think the render looks more like copper or bronze and may be unintentionally misleading.

Speedy doesn’t mention when these will be available, but seeing as how he actually has a real life prototype of the White Classic with chrome time, I’m guessing they won’t take that long to produce. He does state that the rose gold option would increase the price of the pen due to the higher cost of the rose gold plating, but doesn’t mention by how much.

Which one do you like and would you pay more for the rose gold trim? If you’re on facebook, feel free to drop by TWSBI’s post and leave a comment, otherwise you can do so below.

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  • Jay Pulli on Facebook

    I vote chrome.

  • Dustin_Brown

    Of the two choices presented, I would pick the chrome trim.

    Here’s an idea: how about one with back trim and nib?!

    • Dan Smith

      Ooo, now this is an interesting option.

  • Harold Vincent on Facebook


  • MrsGouletPens

    I like the look of the rose gold… very warm. I wonder what color the nib would be? Difficult to tell from the render, whether it intentionally changed the nib color or not. I would be more inclined to go with whatever would lead to the most options for nib size swapping!

    • Dan Smith

      I agree, the render of the so called rose gold does present a very warm tone, but it looks closer to a bronze or copper and lacks the pink undertones, at least to my eye.

      I would be more inclined to go with whatever would lead to the most options for nib size swapping!


  • Raymond Lim on Facebook

    Chrome for me .

  • Raymond Lim on Facebook

    Chrome for me .

  • Brian Starkey on Facebook


  • Brian Starkey on Facebook


  • Stu Elman on Facebook


  • Michel_de_Montreal

    I’d stick with the Chrome, there are enough rose gold pens out there that ppl don’t buy… ;-)

    But a matte black nib with matte black trims would be sweeeet… you know kinda like the Aurora 88

  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice

    Now make the barrel in white as well – and do an alternative model in all solid black – and we are talkin’

  • Steve Teoh on Facebook

    The rose gold looks so classy! Anyway offer both

  • Maria Andersen on Facebook

    Chrome. Gold looks kinda tacky in that setting, and rose gold is too girly girly for my taste.

  • Maja

    I think both are nice, but the chrome trim is more gender neutral; I’ve seen white pens with rose gold trim and they are definitely a bit on the feminine side (as a woman, it doesn’t bother me :) and I agree with Dan that the photos don’t show the true pinkish shade of rose gold…..

  • chris

    chrome trim all the way

  • AJ

    chrome with this one!

  • Julian Chan on Facebook

    If its going to be rose gold, let it reflect the true colour of rosé gold which is quite nice, not a cheap-ish plating with horrible colour like some yellow steel stuff they use for some looks like any other metal to me and gets a bit full after awhile..

  • Julian Chan on Facebook


  • Kit

    I’d pick rose gold hand down. The large majority of pens out there have silver colored or gold colored trim. Rose gold will definitely make them stand-out among competitors.

  • AndyT

    Another vote for chrome. I wonder what this would look like with a grey tinted barrel.

  • Kai S

    I’d go for the Rose Gold trim, mostly because the white/clear parts, chrome trim together with the TWSBI red logo give off a very distinct hospital feel to me. I’d imagine the rose gold will complement the red logo better.

  • Alex Hackmann

    Or the most nib sizes!

  • Graham Rowberry

    Not keen on the white at all, I’m afraid, I’d go for the chrome trim if I was gifted one. Now a black one or a deep dark blue one, both with chrome trim, now there’s a sale for you!

  • A.J. Rosati

    I would love to see a deep maroon color where the white is dressed with rose gold trim. I would pay for that regardless of the price!!!

  • Phil C.