twsbi iroc engraving

Yesterday, TWSBI released these images of the unreleased IROC 850 that features hand engraving and gold inlays by the one and only master in Taiwan.

I spoke with Jim “Speedy” Wang about this pen and he says it definitely won’t make it into production, even as a limited edition. The reason being (if you’re drinking something, put it down now) is that the work on this pen costs $4000 and took more than two weeks to complete!

But, anyone who’s willing to pay is more than welcome to contact Speedy and get something set up.

When asked about the design, Speedy said, “I let him do any design he think should be done on this first pen, actually he can do other designs or even the design we ask him.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d be more than happy to have a duplicate of what’s in the pictures. One can dream, right?

twsbi iroc engraving 2
twsbi iroc engraving 1
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  • Will Platt

    It is stunning and I hope it is assembled into a full pen.

  • ethernautrix

    That is beautiful work.

  • Carol

    Exquisite. Kudos to Speedy for commissioning this, and for respecting the artist and the art. Perfect collaboration.

  • Rebecca Neef on Facebook


  • inktronics blog

    I’d be happy with just the jewel!

  • O-kami

    ooo – this is really pretty – $4K eep!