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  • O-kami

    is that is hair or a scratch on the cap near the bottom of the clip?

    • Dan Smith

      Must have been a hair. Whoops.

      • Flounder

        Lol I noticed all those fibres snagged on the clip too. Part of the wrap? Anyhoo, always nice to see a new review on FPG. Slick review of a very slick pen!

  • Tamara

    I keep telling myself I don’t really need a Nakaya, and you’re not helping ;) The new Ao-Tamenuri will likely be the finish I choose.

  • ethernautrix

    Fabulous video review, Dan! I took the pen to Pen Posse yesterday, and a couple of friends tried writing with it and were impressed with the nib (no surprise there – you did a great job regrinding it). Then Loren (lsmith42) and I swapped Piccolo bodies, so now that gold nib lives in a black matte Piccolo with a silver clip, and Loren’s ruthenium-plated B or BB nib lives in that heki tamenuri body, hahaha! I love Pen Posse! (BTW, the tacility of the black matte finish adds another enticement of Nakaya – feels soft and dry and smooth, like charcoal, yet it is as strong as all the finishes. Urushi has been used for all kinds of household goods that are meant to be used daily and so is very durable. Eventually, of course, signs of wear and tear will manifest, which is probably why the undercoating is a different color. So artful!)

    • youstruckgold

      After my decapod came through I’m a convert! Beautiful.

      • ethernautrix

        I love it when people are not disappointed. It has happened, but that just proves that Nakaya is not for everyone.

  • Tony Rex

    Brief and informative. Nicely done mate! Somewhat sway my priorities a bit :-)

  • MKR

    It’s “PIC-co-lo,” not “Pic-CO-lo.”

    • ethernautrix

      I thought about saying something, but it’s already confusing for many people to pronounce Nakaya (Nah-kah-yah), I figured, why confuse the issue with the English word, Piccolo. I mean, Why, Japanese company, why?

      • MKR

        It’s actually an Italian word, but the stress is on the first syllable both in that language (in which it means “small”) and in English (in which it is the name of a kind of flute). I have no idea how it is pronounced in Japanese. Apart from the choice of an Italian word, it’s strange that they chose the word for “small” since, to judge by the measurements on the review page, it is a medium-sized pen (it is certainly larger than the TWSBI Mini, for example).

        • ethernautrix

          You know how Americans are, linguistically imperialistic. I consider “voilà” an American idiom, for instance. I know, I know, it is French. But… there it is. Voilà.

          In Japanese, Piccolo probably sounds something like pee-koh-roh (where the “r” is not really an “r” but a subtle kind of trill that hints of a “d”). (Trying to imagine my mother saying “piccolo.”)

          I believe the TWSBI Mini is meant to be a pocket pen. Uncapped, the Piccolo is shorter than most of my non-pocket pens, but not uncomfortably so. The Piccolo is my favorite Nakaya model.

    • Dan Smith

      I’m happy to know that in all of the six and a half minute video, this is what motivated you to comment.

  • sbrebrown

    A lovely review. And now I hate you, because I need one :-)!

  • JTance

    As a college kid with a fountain pen obsession, watching your reviews is a GIANT tease, although I love watching them anyway. I’ve already started building a list of pens I’d like in my collection when I can actually afford some of these. Alas, for now I’ll stick with my TWSBI Diamond 580.

  • Breck

    Dan did you check that pronunciation for Piccolo? I was expecting it to be pronounced like the musical instrument, i.e. accent on the first syllable. Just curious. It matters not how it is pronounced except to extraneous facts geeks like me. :- )