Omas 360 vintage LE fountain pen

Since the first edition in 2011, the “360 Vintage Limited Edition” Collection stands for a witness of excellence of the OMAS writing instruments elegance. As a matter of fact, it turns out to be a cult collection among aficionados and collectors, owing to the limited numbers of pieces available.

OMAS completes the series unveiled in 2011 with the 2013 Edition. This new Limited Collection is made of a smoky cotton resin and embellished with two different trims.

The famous triangular shape was designed in compliance with ergonomic principles and appears to be the most revolutionary shape of our times. This shape takes on a contemporary and racy character thanks to the innovative transparency of the smoky black, a sophisticated colour made even more attractive thanks to the two trims : ultra black ruthenium, for a strong men’s style and yellow gold, for a genuine Vintage pleasure.

The Limited Edition is enriched by a fine diamond-shaped engraving on both cap and barrel, which gives a distinguishing brightness to the resin.

The 18kt nib is embellished with a triangular section adornment: emblem of the 360 Collection. The nib will be available in EF, F, M, or B widths and complimented with an ebonite feed.

The 2013 OMAS 360 Vintage fountain pen will be a numbered and Limited Edition release of 360 piston filled fountain pens in each trim retailing for S$895 (~USD$700).

They will be available from Fook Hing Trading some time in October.

For more information, please read our Awesome Review of the same pen in a different color.

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  • inktronics blog

    I want one of the old 360 models really bad. I am kicking myself for missing out on an auction where one went for $114 IIRC.

  • Will Platt

    cool pattern on it! if only it was more affordable!

  • Nicholas Yeo

    Wow, this is interrsting… especially the Ruthenium trimmed one. It sure doesn’t have the appeal of my Turquoise one though!

  • Mike Sheehan on Facebook

    Gorgeous pen

  • saskia_madding

    Any word on if they are coming out with an Ogiva version of this? It’s GORGEOUS!

  • Stevesurf

    I must say that the Omas 360 Vintage pens are among my most favorite! These models are especially interesting as they have a nice pattern that adds to the tactile experience. I purchased my first one from Danny at Fook Hing to remember my trip to Singapore. When tuned, the nib is perhaps the softest, most comfortable writing experience.