Caran dAche Year of the Snake Limited Edition

Caran dAche Year of the Snake Limited Edition uncappedcaran d'ache year of the snake fountain penAs a tribute to the Chinese Zodiac, Caran d’Ache is celebrating the Year of the Snake.

Following the Dragon, the legendary founder of Chinese civilization, it is now the turn of its brother symbol, the Snake. In fact, the Dragon takes the form of a snake on Earth, and the two are linked together in Chinese astrology. They share intelligence, beauty, knowledge, magic and mystery. In Chinese mythology, the two are civilizing divinities who originated human beings and are traditionally shown in the bodies of snakes. Entwined together to become one, they create order on earth and transmit knowledge. To celebrate this myth and demonstrate its admiration for Chinese culture, Caran d’Ache, Maison de Haute Ecriture has created a writing instrument imbued with the aesthetic and spiritual values represented by the Snake.

This exceptional creation is part of a long tradition of rare pieces in the Caran d’Ache Artist Collection. Produced in a few numbered examples and enriched by noble materials, it is a rare, highly precious object. This Limited Edition is a magnificent example of the company’s expertise.

In this prestigious tribute to the famous myth, the “Year of the Snake” limited edition concentrates Caran d’Ache expertise in one exceptional piece of subtle reinterpretation.

The snake wraps itself sinuously around the body of the writing instrument, with its curves emphasized by the Chinese lacquer. The fascinating power of gold conquers the depths of the black lacquer and the motif of the delicately engraved Snake enhances the pen even more with subtle flashes of light.

A Limited Edition dedicated to the Secrets of the Snake will be limited to 888 fountain pens, 888 being a lucky number in Chinese culture and a symbol of fundamental balance.

caran d'ache YearSnake_bigIn the pure tradition of Chinese Lacquer
Created In the strict tradition of Chinese lacquering, the “Year of the Snake” Limited Edition is a genuine tribute to this living material that has been used since the Shan era, around 1400 BC. Applied by hand in successive fine layers, Chinese lacquering is a technique that calls for great care and typically oriental patience.

The master lacquerers at Caran d’Ache have trained exhaustively in this complex technique, perpetuating the art with a combination of ancient Chinese tradition and advanced modern technologies. The Chinese lacquering of the “Year of the Snake” Limited Edition is a masterpiece of craftsmanship: the body of the pen is coated with several successive layers of black lacquer. The top coat is gently polished, giving the pen the brilliant deep reflections of a piece of jewelry.

With exquisite finesse and precision, the snake is engraved by hand into the material and plated with gold.

The Caran d’Ache Year of Snake fountain pen utilizes the cartridge/converter filling system, comes with a 18k gold nib in F,M, or B widths, and lists at a retail price of $3492, with a street price of around $2793.

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  • Tony Rex

    I wonder how much the street price of the CdA Year of Rat would be..