franklin-christoph model 27

In addition to the number of color options of the original Model 27 Collegia, Franklin-Christoph is now offering two new Special Editions of limited production.  First is the Diamondline engraving, which was found on retired version of the original style Model 29. The second is their Radiant Red finish that first appeared on the new Model 29.

Franklin-Christoph states that they’ll “run two batches of these and then retire” them. Who knows how many are in a batch, so if either of these interest you in the slightest then you better snatch ‘em right away!

They’ll be priced at the same level as current Model 27s, $69.50 for a steel nib or $149.50 for a 18k gold nib. As always, they’ll available in nine different widths from Needlepoint to Broad, stubs, and italics. Check out Franklin-Christoph for more info and to order yours.

franklin-christoph model 27 red
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  • Stu Elman on Facebook

    This is a beauty as seen via the photo.

  • Fernando Ramos

    I shall be interested to see how their cursive italic nib performs when I receive mine.

    • Dan Smith

      Since it’s ground by Mike Masuyama I doubt you’ll be disappointed. But, please do come back and share your thoughts with us.

      • Fernando Ramos

        I had not realized that until after I placed my order. I am very excited to test drive it!

  • Dirck in Saskatchewan

    That Diamondline pattern produces in me the mental equivalent of the thumping back paw of a back-scratched hound. I begin to regret a couple of purchases last week that put even the steel-pointed version out of reach at the moment.

  • A.J. Rosati

    Opted for the medium cursive italic, couldn’t be happier so nice

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