Krone Rubens LE Fountain PenKrone Rubens LE Fountain Pen uncappedMy passion comes from the heavens, not from earthly musings.” -Peter Paul Rubens

Krone pays homage to the artistic legacy of Sir Peter Paul Rubens. Rubens was a master of tone, harmony and movement which he expressed in lush sensuality. While today, Rubens is primarily known as a Baroque painter, he was also an educated scholar and diplomat who often worked alongside royalty.

This exquisite writing instrument is hand painted with Krone’s interpretation of Rubens’ Allegory of Peace and War. This painting holds significance not only as Rubens’ classical use of light and color, but also as an illustration of his hopes for the peace he was trying to negotiate between England and Spain at the end of the “Twelve Years Truce”. Rubens presented his finished painting as a gift to Charles I of England.

Available in a worldwide very Limited Edition of 188 piston fill fountain pens, the Krone Rubens Limited Edition comes with a 18k nib in F, M, or B widths at a MSRP of $6800, street price of $5440.

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  • korinthian

    I’m sorry, but that looks cheap and tourist commercial.