omas ogiva celluloid fountain pen
Coming soon are two new colors of the Omas Ogiva in Bronze Arco celluloid and Brown & Green celluloid. The Arco will come with yellow gold plated trim while the B&G will come with rose gold plated trim.

I absolutely love that Bronze Arco celluloid. Omas could make any pen out of that material and have an instant sale right here. My wallet is already feeling the hurt and these pens haven’t even been released.

More info as soon as we get it. In the mean time, check out my review of the Omas Ogiva Vision.

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  • Jon

    Very nice. That Bronze & Green is calling my name :)

  • Fawkes

    I have the Arco Bronze in the new style Paragon and love it. Its really quite a nice celluloid, all OMAS needs to do is do their other celluloids in the new style Paragon and make a concerted effort to have the damn facets line up. If Montegrappa can do it with their octagonal pens there’s no reason OMAS shouldn’t be able too as well. Woops, I kind of went off topic there.

  • Joost Plattel

    The look great! Wow