SPECIAL EDITION – Duo 205 shiny green

The M205 DUO is a highlighter and a piston fountain pen at the same time – hence the name “Duo”. After the amazing success of the M205 DUO yellow, which is also still available, Pelikan launches the shiny green model for a limited time to complement the range.

As before, the green model is available with the extra broad stainless steel BB nib inside an attractive gift box that also includes one bottle of special highlighter ink in shiny green. Due to the extra broad nib, you can both highlight and take notes easily.

The highlighter inks should only be used in combination with the special Pelikan Duo Highlighter fountain pens, either in yellow or in green. Inside the bottle, the green doesn‘t really look shiny, but when you see it on paper, you‘ll be surpised!

Now that we’re beyond all that marketing speak we can talk about how cool these highlighter pens are. I reviewed the yellow M205 here and was a big fan. The fun colors and massive BB nib make these pens lots of fun with lots of potential. Turn that BB into a stub and you’ll be able to paint your bedroom in just a few hours.

The thing about the steel nib, besides it being ultra smooth, is it keeps the price affordable at around $140. But, if you really want you can get a 14k gold nib in Extra Broad or Oblique Extra Broad from for a total price of $276. It’s a little steep, but if you want it the option’s there.

Add in Pelikan’s phenomenal piston filler and you’ve got the makings of a great fountain pen.

Expect these to arrive in the next few weeks.


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  • Heath Sledge on Facebook

    Ooh, gorgeous.

  • Will Platt

    That looks really cool!! Much like the extremely rare Pelikan 400 demonstrators from the 50’s.

  • write to me often

    Pelikan should be named this pen: Hulk!

  • Marloes de Boer on Facebook


  • Michel_de_Montreal

    what about having a 4B nib option for it?

  • mjcong

    mutter dang them now i must have.

  • Gloria Magee on Facebook

    Ditto on the “drool”.

  • Best Executive Pens on Facebook

    wow, nice pen

  • Anon_RD

    They should have used the clear piston housing that the M200 clear demo used. Wouldn’t have even needed to make that part green.