50th Anniversary Pilot Vanishing Point Maple Wood fountain pen off

50th Anniversary Pilot Vanishing Point Maple Wood fountain pen on

Not only is 2013 the 95th Anniversary of the Pilot Pen Company, but it is also the 50th Anniversary of the Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen. To commemorate a half century of this innovative pen design, only 900 numbered pieces will be made available worldwide, with only 300 of these reaching the United States. Previous Vanishing Point Limited Editions were made available in over 2000 pieces each, making the 50th Anniversary Vanishing Point even more exclusive.

With a maple wood cap and barrel and warm gold trim, the Vanishing Point 50th Anniversary is an elegant collector’s item and also an extremely practical writing instrument. Utilizing a ballpoint-type mechanism that allows the pen to be ready to write with just one easy click, the Vanishing Point has become a favorite of doctors, lawyers, technicians, or just anyone who wants to combine the convenience of a ballpoint with the writing qualities of a fountain pen.
50th Anniversary Pilot Vanishing Point Maple Wood fountain pen box
The 50th Anniversary Vanishing Point arrives in a beautiful wooden presentation box lined with blue velvet. The Vanishing Point is a cartridge/converter filling fountain pen and comes with ink cartridges in the box.

The 50th Anniversary Pilot Maple Wood Vanishing Point will be available in early November with a Medium 18K gold nib at a MSRP of $550, street of around $440. Several retailers will be able to swap nibs to different sizes upon request.

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  • Kai S

    Attractive, but I still much prefer the raden ones.

  • D

    Swoon! If only I could afford…

  • Park Jin

    the best I’ve seen this year!!!. Already appeared on the bay yesterday.

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