Conway Stewart Belliver Freisian fountain pen

The new Belliver Friesian, the latest special edition from Conway Stewart, is crafted from hand made resin featuring predominant shades of iridescent white and light grey hues offset by rich marbled black.

The Friesian is further accented by a black resin cap top, section, and barrel end, adorned with solid 18 carat gold bands. Limited to only 50 numbered fountain pens or roller balls, this special edition is crafted in Conway Stewart’s factory in Devon, England.

The gently tapering cap and barrel of the Belliver preserve the traditional classic flat top design, while imparting a graceful balance in the hand. Offered as either a fountain pen or rollerballs, the Belliver Friesian is ready to serve the daily needs of the modern lover of fine writing instruments. The Belliver model is balanced using a solid brass barrel liner to offer just enough weight for the pen to sit easily in the hand without becoming tiring during long periods of writing. The cap is lighter in weight, allowing it to post securely on the end of the barrel if you so choose. The section is gently tapered to bolster the comfort of writing with the Belliver.

The Belliver Friesian fountain pen uses the modern screw-in converter and is fitted with Conway Stewart’s large solid 18 carat gold nib, available in a choice of eight grades from Extra Fine through Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad. The packaging for the Conway Stewart Belliver Friesian special edition has been designed to house your pen and to serve as a showcase pen stand for the desk. The display box is crafted of luxurious full grain leather in a rich black color. Not only is this an elegant and stylish presentation to house and protect your gift, the top of the lid can be reversed to make an executive desk stand for display.

The Conway Stewart Belliver Friesian fountain pen is currently available at a MSRP of $490, street price of $392. For more information please visit Conway Stewart.

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  • Kai S

    Hmm… the price point is actually a bit lower than I had expected, especially for a limited edition of only 50 pens . The resin body looks really rich and complex. Though it isn’t my style, still quite tempting…

  • Andrew Wang

    That’s actually quite the reasonable price for a CS pen that nice. 18k trim? I’d easil take this over the Duofold Centennial, given the money.

  • korinthian

    Oh good, I thought it said “BelieBer” there for a second.

    • Robinkeys

      That pen would have a nib designed to sing as it writes, but it instead produces a horrible auto tuned wail. The pen would have a noticeable Bieber cut cap finial, and the only two words it can write are “shawty” and “swag”.

  • Tamara

    Very classy looking pen!