The Pro Gear Black Velvet fountain pen is the third edition in the Cocktail Series from SAILOR, a series I didn’t even know existed. Based on this new one, it really makes me wonder what the first two were.

If you’re not familiar with the term “Black Velvet” in regards to cocktails, it’s a combination of stout beer (often Guinness) and white, sparkling wine, traditionally champagne.

As you can see, the image of the drink on the left is pretty well brought to life in the new Sailor fountain pen on the right. The gold-colored flakes in the resin body do a great job of representing the carbonation in the drink and the white ends top off the pen with that perfect head of foam. That’s all accented with gold plated trim and a two-tone 21k gold nib.

The Sailor Professional Gear Black Velvet fountain pen retails for $327 but is available from Engeika for $197.

Sailoro pro gear black velvet fountain pen capped
Sailoro pro gear black velvet fountain pen uncapped
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  • Matt

    First was something called the “Asian Way,” whatever that means. Second was this:

  • korinthian

    That finish looks like something out of a toy store. I am not impressed.

  • Ryan Roossinck on Facebook

    The second one in the series, the Mojito, I can get with. This one…not so much.

  • Dirck in Saskatchewan

    I like the pen, in an academic, never-held-one way. From the same point of view, the drink sounds like an abomination.

  • Jen

    Ugh that drink sounds absolutely dreadful. The pen is ok…the color reminds me of those rootbeer barrel hard candies. I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re supposed to think of when you see that….

  • CaptainGroovy

    Do not bash the Black Velvet till you have tried one or three. As a lover of Guinness Stout I was skeptical when I first introduced to one at a now long closed Irish pub that had a great Sunday Brunch. Brunch was served with either a Mimosa or a Black Velvet and Irish Breakfast Tea and since I only like Mimosa’s with my girlfriend because she likes them, the things we do for love. I opted for the Black Velvet and O what a surprise of heavenly goodness. Think of trying a Black Velvet like trying Green Eggs and Ham soon you will like them and I will spare you the rest but will tell you if truly like Guinness Stout you need to try a Black Velvet and if you only kind of like Guinness or drink it to be one of the boys chances are you won’t like it but you still should try one, if for no other reason than God hates a coward.

    • Dirck in Saskatchewan

      It’s my regard for the whole tribe of Stout that makes me quail at the though. You’re right, though, in that one should not cry “yuck” at the untasted. I once thought sushi sounded like bad news, and anytime I speak of the delights of paardenrookvlees people turn funny colours, so I should know better.

      …but I do know I don’t like champagne, so perhaps its the adulteration of good with bad that concerns me.

      • CaptainGroovy

        I too once called Sushi Bait and now love it. Champagne for me for years was a once a year thing make a toast, huge your mother, and kiss your lover. To be truthful I never did like the bubble stuff but then again the stuff we were drinking in hindsight was pretty wretched stuff. Lets face it if you are only paying slightly more or the same that you would spend on a couple of pints of Guinness on a bottle of Champagne then yes it going to be bad what do you expect.

        I suggest that before you totally condemn Champagne Sparkling wine forever that you give it a fair try. I am sure that you did not love Guinness Stout after your very first taste. Champagne Sparkling Wine is like good beer there are many varieties depending on the grape varietals, the mix of the grapes in making the still wine, the blending of the still wines and on and on. I guess what I am trying to say is if you like a something as complex tasting as Guinness Stout I would recommend that you find a wine store having a Champagne Sparkling Wine tasting or invest in some 20 to 50 dollar bottles of different Champagne Sparkling Wines and I think you may change your mind about Champagne Sparkling Wine or not Just something to consider it has been my experience that cheap poor quality Champagne Sparkling Wine either are very sweet or very astringent and lack in complexity and character.


    I’m (pleasantly) surprised that the finish doesn’t command a huge premium over the normal Professional Gear! It seems like sparkles and translucency usually double or triple the price of a pen.

  • Maja

    Love the colouring—reminds me of a root beer float. Yummy! On the wish list now :)

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