Krone John Muir fountain pen

© Dan Whipps Photography

The latest wallet destroying fountain pen from Krone is the John Muir Limited Edition. It’s another pen from a company that I just don’t understand. As of right now, Fahrney’s Pens is the only place you can find any information on it and the included images create a combined resolution that’s less than what I could take using the camera on my first smartphone back in 2005 (PPC6700, if you’re interested).The barely one paragraph long description at Fahrney’s doesn’t really tell you much and the Krone website is of absolutely no help either. Don’t even get me started on the fact that Krone’s website is the most atrocious thing I’ve ever seen. What exactly is their marketing strategy? Charge outrageous amounts for pens and hope people with more money than sense buy them?

If you’re still interested in this pen by now, you should know that the Krone John Muir limited edition is intended to honor the father of the modern conservation movement and the founder of the Sierra Club. Muir reveled in nature’s beauty and was instrumental in the preservation of the Yosemite Valley.

This writing instrument is hand painted in full-length to capture a panoramic view of the valley. The fountain pen uses the cartridge/converter filling system and is limited to 480 pieces. Similar to Krone’s other fountain pens, I’m guessing it contains a 18k gold nib that is available in Fine, Medium, or Broad sizes.

The Krone John Muir fountain pen sells for $3520 and is available from Fahrney’s Pens.

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  • Doug C

    I get your confusion with Krone and their overall strategy (if there is one). It pains me in that I have a number of their ‘normal’ line of pens (traditionally manufactured by Marlen), and they are by and large, wonderful pens.

    I have a number of Marlen/Krone pens and through the years they have been better performers than most of the better known Italian brands. They tend to have unique designs and I have never had one that didn’t write on command, never hesitating. This is something I can’t always say about some of my Montegrappas, Omas, Delta’s and Viscontis..

    I wish that someone would take this compan(ies) by the hand and give them a clear direction (doubtful in that I heard Marlen might be going through bancrupcy).

  • Kai S

    Wow, Dan’s really unimpressed by this company. Heheheh…
    Their products are way, way overpriced for sure, but I have to say this one looks at least tasteful. Still, 480 pieces are a lot of stock to sell at this ridiculous price point. It might have been far more attractive to have a small collection of pens dedicated to national parks (say 5 different parks, 100 each). I mean, the production cost is about the same if each piece is hand painted, right?
    I think around $1000 would sell really well, and mere mortals like me will look out for a clearance one day and buy one at $500. :p

  • Annoyed and Inky

    Ironic that such a lump of tat should be dedicated to a man who wrote with a quill pen. In fact, you can see one of his pens at the museum in his home town of Dunbar in Scotland.

  • AndyT

    This marketing strategy is by no means unique to Krone …

    • Dan Smith

      True, but I can’t think of anyone else who does such a poor job at it.

      • AndyT

        Haha! Nor can I – well, not in the pen world anyway.