Platinum king of tigers fountain pen
A limited edition of a fountain pen made to commemorate the year of the dragon, which comes around only once in the Chinese Sexagenary cycle, was sold in 2012. The strong image drawn on the pen in shiny jet-black is of a dragon ascending up to the heavens. This year Platinum will market a limited edition of 300 of the fountain pens worldwide based on the tiger motif.

A tiger and bamboo forest have been drawn on the center of the pen using a traditional, elaborate technique that involves charcoal powder (Sumiko). The images are coated in several layers to give a 3D effect and are drawn on using faded ink for a deep, rich feel. The eyes, mouth and stripes of the tiger are drawn in beautiful black lacquer (Kuro Roiro Urushi), which heightens the contrast for a vivid, impressive image.

The design is of a tiger walking freely and majestically through a bamboo forest. Looking at the meaning behind this design, the bamboo signifies people, the bamboo forest signifies the world and the tiger walking through the bamboo forest signifies people living freely and boldly without any bounds.

The tiger’s stripes are drawn vertically so they are difficult to distinguish from the bamboo forest and dense woods enabling it to effectively stalk its prey. Its speed is such that it could run 1,000 miles in a night and it is known as the king of wild beasts from its position atop the food chain. Its power is said to drive out evil spirits.

Similarly, the bamboo is thought to ward off evil spirits if it is burned, by letting out an enormous sound as it bursts. The bamboo, with its hollow stems, evergreen leaves and strong roots, expresses an open-minded, discipline and a sense of modesty. This denotes transparency, naivety, simplicity, eternity and mercy. The seasons for bamboo represent a person’s life and teach us that we ought to overcome hardship and break through difficulties to rise up and keep moving forward.

The Platinum King of Tigers fountain pen comes with a ruthenium plated, 14k gold nib in F, M, or B widths and uses the cartridge/converter filling mechanism. The pen measures 139.5mm capped with a max diameter of 14.5mm. It will be available in October 2013 for approximately $1000.


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  • Jon

    I would like to see the tiger that can run 1,000 miles in a night. Maybe a little too much marketing hyperbole?