sailor king of pens brier wood fountain penIf ebonite or resin just isn’t to your preference then have a look at Sailor’s massively massive fountain pen, the King of Pens, in three colors of Brier wood.

Brier wood is taken from the evergreen shrub known as ‘Erica Arborea’ from the Mediterranean coast. The wood taken from the root of the shrub is called ‘the jewel of wood’ with its characteristic bright shiny color and the unique curly grain pattern it displays and is highly durable. The Sailor fountain pen cap and barrel are hand crafted from a 25-100 year old shrub.

The King of Pen is Sailor’s largest fountain pen measuring in at 153mm long (capped) with a barrel diameter of 20mm. The Brier Wood King of Pen features a 21k bi-color gold nib available in only medium or broad widths and utilizes the cartridge/converter filling system.

The Sailor Brier Wood King of Pen is hand made to order with a lead time of around 3 months. You can place your order through Andy’sPens for £1200 (~$1869).

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  • Andreas Berg

    How strange that it is only available in M and B. Sailor is a Japanese character, I’d expect far more domestic customers would go for F than B.


    Hey, it’s the King of Pens now! There was something quaint about King of Pen…

  • snedwos


  • tassobarbasso

    I find the gold plated trims to be awkwardly big on this model. it makes the pen look cheap :(