Romeo & Juliet

The Delta Romeo & Juliet collection takes it’s inspiration from city of Verona, the setting of William Shakespeare’s legendary play and the worlds most famous lovers.  Believed to have been written between 1591 and 1597, the play was popular from the outset and the story has been told again and again through time, both on stage and in film in a variety of settings and locales.  Whether on a fire escape above a gritty New York street, or in a courtyard in modern day “Verona Beach”, it is the balcony scene where the young lovers meet that has always been central to every telling of the story.

Today, the arched balconies of Verona that inspired Shakespeare can still be seen throughout that city, and it is that visual cue, one that reminds all of the possibilities of true love, that is overlayed at top of every Romeo & Juliet pen.  By unscrewing the arched top of the cap, a hidden treasure awaits inside; two small engraveable hearts connected by a small ring, a subtle but romantic gesture that can be the owners secret.  The central band is lost-wax cast and bares a passage in Italian from the play. In English it reads; “My heart, like the sea, has no limits and my love is as deep as the sea: the more I grant you the more I have, because one and the other are endless.

Scarlet Red Collection

The vibrant scarlet red Italian resin was chosen to evoke the red ammonite limestone facades that can be seen in Verona, and of course, because red is the color of the heart and of love.  The heavy gold plated accents contrast perfectly with the hand turned resin, as does the two-tones of the 18K Fusion nib found on the lever-fill fountain pen.   Also available is a matching capped rollerball and a perfectly proportioned twist action ballpoint.  All pieces are individually numbered, feature a pair of golden metal heart charms inside the cap and have the familiar Delta logo cast in a coin set atop the pen.

The fountain pen will be available in nib sizes EF, F, M, B and

Jet Black Collection

The solid black and silver collection features strong, bold lines complimented with rich rhodium protecting the curved arches, clip and lost-wax cast center band. The fountain pen features polished steel nib and fills via standard cartridge or converter. The matching rollerball is equally as large as the fountain pen and a twist ballpoint pen completes the collection. black

Purple Mini Collection

Featuring the same nib and rhodium trims as the Jet Black Collection, the passion purple collection is slightly smaller in size and has a beautiful heart cast into the coin set atop the pen.

Retail pricing is as follows. Take into consideration that the street price will be 20% less than what’s listed below.

Ballpoint Scarlet Red- $395.00
Rollerball Scarlet Red – $450.00
Fountain Pen Scarlet Red Lever Fill W/ 18K Fusion Nib – $695.00

Ballpoint Jet Black – $295.00
Rollerball Jet Black – $365.00
Fountain Pen Jet Black w/ Polished Steel Nib – $395.00

Mini Ballpoint Passion Purple – $295.00
Mini Rollerball Passion Purple – $365.00
Mini Fountain Pen Passion Purple w/ Polished Steel Nib – $395.00

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    very nice

  • Tamara

    I actually really like these! I’ve been wanting to add a red Italian fountain pen to my collection.