“Serena” it is an auspicious name, with a meaning similar to serene, tranquil, calm.

Derived from the Latin Serenus, in the feminine Serena originally meant “dry”, “arid”, and later became an adjective referring to the sky, meaning “clear”, “cloudless”.

Applied to a person, has the meaning of “quiet”, “calm”, “no worries.”

The Delta Serena Fountain Pen Collection is offered in 3 different colored resins: red, pearled blue and pastel black with satin rhodium trim. The iridium-tipped nib is extravagantly engraved and available in F,M, and B widths. The fountain pens fill via cartridge/converter.

The Serena collection is offered in elegant packaging with special embossing and satin silver color and made with paper from renewable resources and internationally certified by the FSC (responsible forest management).

The Delta Serena Fountain Pens will retail for $135 with a street price of around $108 and be available some time this month.

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  • korinthian

    Why does every pen I see seem to be translucent nowadays?

    • flounder

      It’s not the pens themselves, just all the residual x rays from Fukushima.

      • sharkync

        All those x rays made it over to Italy?

  • Jon

    Three resins plus the fourth “mystery resin?” It looks very pleasing, although I’d probably prefer them with a black section or section that matched the body. Also, I wish there were more nib options. I will look forward to a review of this pen.

  • Ted A

    “Serena originally meant ‘dry’, ‘arid’…” That’s not real auspicious for a pen.