OMAS Arco fountain pen

© Dan Whipps Photography

First with the Ogiva Vintage and now this?! Oh man, Omas is killing me with these new fountain pens made from their Bronze Arco celluloid! As far as I’m concerned, this stuff tops the charts along with Tibaldi’s Impero celluloid and Sheaffer’s red veined celluloid.

Available to only US retailers, this special edition series includes 200 numbered Paragon piston-filling fountain pens, based on the historical 12-faceted shape of the Arte Italiana. The vintage Paragon shaped fountain pen will available in three trim options: 75 pieces in yellow gold, 75 in rose gold, and 50 in silver.

The Paragon is embellished with three rings on the cap and a rolling wheel clip. The OMAS 18K gold nib is prized for its flexible, expressive writing.

The Omas Arte Italiana Bronze Arco Vintage Paragon Special Edition Fountain Pen will be available in mid-October at a MSRP of $995 with a street price of around $796.

Thanks to Fahrney’s Pens for the image.

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  • Will Platt

    oooo lovely!!