nakaya carbon graphite piccolo fountain pen capped
nakaya carbon graphite piccolo fountain pen uncapped
nakaya carbon graphite piccolo fountain pen up close
The Nakaya Carbon Graphite Piccolo is the second in a series of fountain pens made with special materials. The first being the absolutely stunning titanium Piccolo.

This new one is made from Carbon Graphite. It is cut from material that has been calcified for 90 days at approximately 3,000°C after solidifying pure carbon at hydraulic pressure of 50,000 tons. Graphite is a type of carbon material that has a hexagonal grid-like crystalline structure. It is used as the lead in pencils and electrode material that we find around us everyday. It is lighter than aluminum and can withstand most acids and alkalis at room temperature.However, since it is made with the same material used for pencil lead, the carbon element may come off if the corner is rubbed forcibly. Normal use will not present any problems. Although, Nakaya does recommend placing it in a pen case when carrying it around.

The Nakaya Carbon Graphite Piccolo is currently available for $600. Please visit for more information and to order yours.

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  • Stu Elman on Facebook


  • korinthian

    Also, if the ink runs out you can just write with the cap of the pen.

    • James A

      You, sir, are a wiseguy. We in the SPCCC ( Serious Pen Collector Community) don’t need weisenheimers around here. Kindly take your cynicism to another site.

      • korinthian

        Back in the bronze age people made weisenheimers like me village chiefs.

  • Tony Rex

    The real Perfect Pencil, and only a bit more too.

  • GTown_Dave

    Nakaya makes absolutely gorgeous pens. It’s my goal/dream to find an unassailable excuse to spend $600-$700 purchasing a custom briar (light, gloss type).

    • snedwos

      I’m going to accumulate money for a few months, and probably buy myself a Nakaya for my birthday.

  • Ebenezer Pennyfarthing on Facebook

    Just when I got over my craving for the titanium piccolo. Great. Just great…

  • David Boyer

    Does anyone else think that not using a ruthenium-plated nib was a missed opportunity?

    • Dan Smith

      If that’s what you wanted, Nakaya would make it happen.

      • David Boyer

        Oh I know, trust me, I know. I’m actually waiting on a special order I placed in February. I keep resisting the urge to bug them for an update. I know it takes a while, but I just can’t wait!

    • Wayne Robinson

      I’ve just ordered one with a ruthenium nib; +$50 on the price.

      Nakaya generally offer any nib in their collection with any of their pens.

  • Kai S

    Outrageously cool pen. I wonder what it feels like in the hand and whether our fingertips will have gray spots after a long writing session.
    I bet this pen ages beautifully.

    • Dan Smith

      I bet this pen ages beautifully.

      This is what I’m most interested in. What it’s going to look like in 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years.

  • aigabriela

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