Available exclusively from Fahrney’s Pens this holiday season is the Delta Fusion One in two new celluloids: Fiery Volcano Red and Pale Green Lightning.

Each pen is hand-turned from solid rod stock and polished to a fine sheen. They feature a beveled square-shape cap top that tapers into the round barrel. The signature of the Delta Fusion One is the highly controversial Fusion nib, which Delta says “‘fuses’ the chemical-physical properties of steel and gold to enhance the ink flow and performance of the pen. The steel alloy nib is covered with a sleeve of precious 18K gold: the precious metal plate heats the underlying steel making ink flow more smoothly.” And we say is just BS marketing material. But, the nib does write well and the Fusion nib in the 82 we reviewed was fabulous.

If you can get past the marketing mumbo-jumbo you’ll find a c/c filling fountain pen that’s limited to 88 pieces in each celluloid and comes in nib sizes XF, F, M, B, or Stub.

These celluloid Delta Fusion One fountain pens are only available from Fahrney’s Pens at a list price of $595, street price of $476.

Delta Fusion One Celluloid fountain pens

Credit to Dan Whipps Photography

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  • Kai S

    Bevel square cap, round barrel? I’d rather have it in bevel square all the way on the outside, with only the section in a round shape.

    The colours are nice though, especially the red one.

  • Rock in Sunny FL

    Beautiful pens. Outrageous pricing, though. I can’t help but wonder how long these will be sitting in the “special edition but can’t seem to unload ‘em” category on the seller’s website.

  • korinthian

    I love the finish and the clip, but what the fuck is up with that billboard center band?

  • Will Platt

    That celluloid sure is beautiful, but that is way too much money for what you get.

  • bluefeathers

    I love the colors! just like the montegrappa extra that is unaffordable. But I can never get over the nib design, which looks like a tooth and slightly menacing…

  • Jen

    Pretty pens, but I don’t think the money is worth it. I’d rather support a pen company that doesn’t have to resort to questionable marketing tactics to sell its pens anyway…just my opinion, but I’m pretty sure I don’t buy the nib fusion stuff…

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