parker 125th anniversary urban blue fountain pen capped parker 125th anniversary urban blue fountain pen posted parker 125th anniversary urban fountain pen posted parker 125th anniversary urban fountain pen cappedFor its 125th Anniversary Special Edition, Parker mixes the old and the new – the modern, dynamic Urban Premium pens are graced with Parker’s historical colors of Mandarin Yellow and Penman Ink Blue. The anodized aluminum cap and barrel glow with the saturated hues and gold-plated trim. Available this year only, the Urban Special Editions include a fountain pen with stainless steel nib designed for both left and right-handed writers, a capped rollerball and twist ball pen.

The cartridge/converter filling Parker Urban comes with a medium only nib and is available for $75. Please visit Fahrney’s Pens to order yours.

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  • Bois123

    Very nice! I’d get one of each color, and swap the caps!

  • Jen

    The orange is really nice….I (may) have to get one;)

  • Lee Smallwood

    Is the above Fahrney’s mention a paid advertisement? It seems at least arguably at odds with the ethics statement.

    • Dan Smith

      No. If we ever do sponsored articles they’ll be clearly marked as such.

      I got the images and ad copy from Fahrney’s Pens so I linked to them.

      Also, thank you for doing your part to keep us honest.

      • Lee Smallwood

        That is what I was expecting from the ethics statement. Thanks for being so transparent about these types of issues.

  • Bois123

    I’d like to see a photo with the caps swapped between the two colors!

    • Lee Smallwood

      Sounds like a perfect $150 project for you, and a perfect option for any fan of West Virginia University as it happens.

  • korinthian

    While these pictures (and pens) look very nice, I think I will need a picture with more realistic lighting/background to make a judgement on the pens’ appearances. This looks computer generated and too perfect.