pilot Kagimonyou Hira Maki-e Vanishing Point

pilot Kagimonyou Hira Maki-e Vanishing Point close-up

Dating back to 794 AD, Maki-e is an ancient Japanese art-form where metallic powders are expertly sprinkled into delicate layers of wet lacquer to create intricate designs. Precious materials such as gold, silver, and mother of pearl are often used in Maki-e designs. To perfect the techniques to create the beautiful designs, Maki-e artists must study and practice for years. Appearing simple in execution, Hira Maki-e requires expert precision and mastery.

Combining modern technology with a treasured Japanese art-form, Pilot Fine Writing introduces the Kagimonyou Hira Maki-e Vanishing Point Fountain Pen. The name Kagimonyou means “Key Design” and signifies an omen of good fortune. The intricate gold pattern represents the key that would open a traditional storehouse where one would keep valuable possessions. May the Kagimonyou Vanishing Point unlock good fortune in your future endeavors.

The Pilot Kagimonyou Hira Maki-e Vanishing Point Fountain Pen comes with a medium, 18k gold, rhodium plated nib but most retailers should be able to swap it for any other size. Just ask nicely. As with all other Vanishing Point fountain pens, this one uses the cartridge/converter filling system, but sells at a list price of $550 with a street price of around $440.

pilot Kagimonyou Hira Maki-e Vanishing Point

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  • TJ Zidaroff

    A beautiful pen!

  • korinthian

    It’s not quite maki-e if I could design and make this pen design with a ruler.

    • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

      I guess you don’t know what maki-e is…

      • korinthian

        I guess you don’t understand my point. Would you like me to explain?

        • http://fpgeeks.com/ Dan Smith

          No, I got it. I’ve just never seen where it was specified that only certain designs can be considered maki-e. Maki-e is a method, not a design.

          • korinthian

            Sometimes there’s more to a sentence than the literal meaning of the words.

    • quinden

      “It’s not quite maki-e if I could design and *make* this pen design with a ruler.”

      How are you going to apply all that urushi with a ruler? :)

  • youstruckgold

    Got to say, unfortunately, I REALLY like it!

  • StiggyRayCyrus

    I dig it.

    I’ll take the bait, korinthian. Do explain.

  • BlessedEgg

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of abstract, angular pattern done in maki-e. This pattern would look great in raden.

    • Kai S

      I’ll second that. A radon in this pattern would be AWESOME!!

  • Tony Rex

    This reminds me of Borobudur, very Buddhist design.

  • Jen

    The silver and black is just gorgeous…I didn’t realize there’s a converter for vanishing points. I may have to look into that for mine….I love the story behind this too. Maybe this pen would be the key to unlocking my writer’s block.

  • Jon

    Being left-handed, I wish that Pilot would start offering these pens in a clip less version.

    • alia

      I am a leftie and have no problems with my vanishing points.