Sailor is releasing its afforadable Lecoule fountain pen in five new colors: Pearl, Morion, Rose Quartz, Garnet and Lapis Lazuli. These colors depict the Power Stones, which are said to have mysterious powers with each power stone having a different property.

Morion: Protection and purification.
sailor lecoule morion fountain pensailor lecoule morion fountain pen posted

Garnet: Faith, passion and success.
sailor lecoule garnet fountain pen sailor lecoule garnet fountain pen posted

Rose quartz: Love, peace and beauty.
sailor lecoule rose fountain pen sailor lecoule rose fountain pen posted

Pearl: Health, wealth and innocence.
sailor lecoule pearl fountain pen sailor lecoule pearl fountain pen posted

Lapis Lazuli: Dignity, good fortune and independence.
sailor lecoule lapis fountain pen sailor lecoule lapis fountain pen posted

At least the colors are attractive. The pens are made from resin, which keeps them nice and light weighing in at a svelte 12.4g, and are accented with nickel-chrome plated trim. The cartridge/converter filling fountain pen comes with a stainless steel nib that is available in only Medium-Fine width.

Sailor’s new Lecoule Power Stone fountain pens should be available mid-December and are currently available for pre-order at a MSRP of $47. Engieka has them available for pre-order for only $26.35 (you’ll have to sign in to see them).

Source: Sailor Japan

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  • Maja

    I much prefer these colours to the original lineup (which made the pens look a bit cheap, IMHO). Thanks for the news, Dan!

    • Dan Smith

      I agree. I find these colors much more interesting.

      And thank you for the comment.

      • Maja

        You’re welcome…and thanks again for all your hard work on FPGeeks; it is very much appreciated (even if I don’t comment on every article/video ;)

  • Andreas Berg

    I agree that these colour are nicer than the old one. I wonder what the pearl colour one looks in real life. When I bought my procolor I went for the beige one because it looked best on the photos, but I didn’t like the actual colour as much once it turned up (thought it writes great!)

  • Syed Ali

    Thanks for the review. It’s definitely an interesting line.

    Does anyone know by any chance whether Sailor offers any pens with this inexpensive steel nib in italic sizes? (I believe it’s an called an F-2 nib)

    I’ve been searching for an F-2 italic nib from Sailor but haven’t yet found anything. Maybe such a thing doesn’t exist.

    I have a set of Sailor Clear Candy pens and I’ve been wishing to put 1.1 italic nibs on them. They came in Fine nibs and I was able to grind them down to maybe a medium, but haven’t been fully satisfied with the way they write still.

    Just similar to a Pilot Plumix which comes only in italic nibs, but the nib from the plumix is swappable into a Pilot Metro, or a Pilot Prera. A pretty in-expensive solution for getting an italic Metro or Prera.

    I was hoping to find similarly inexpensive solution from Sailor.

    I already know about the 1911 pens that come in a music nib, but I’m really looking for a cheap in-expensive steel nib option in italic. I’m not even sure if a 1911 music nib will be compatible with Clear candy ( and who would even want that? a gold nib on a $20 pen). I have 4 of these clear candy pens, for which I’m looking for italic writing.

    If there’s anything even a non-sailor nib that is fairly in-expensive and will be compatible with F-2 feed and section, I’m willing to give it a shot.