Monteverde tool fountain pens

Monteverde tool fountain pen

Monteverde will be making the One Touch Stylus Tool available as a fountain pen starting on November 15th.

The One Touch Tool brings 9 tools into one instrument: a touch screen stylus at one end, a steel fountain pen nib on the other end, philips and flat head screwdrivers under the stylus, while on the barrel are a built in level, ruler and 3 different scale functions.

The Touch Screen Stylus Fountain Tool Pen fills with standard international cartridges or mini ink converter for bottle filling.

The Monteverde One Touch Stylus Tool fountain pen will only be available with a medium nib from multiple retailers for $50.

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  • Jon Rabbett on Facebook

    I need this in my life!

  • Jen

    Interesting pen, AWESOME headline;)

    • Dan Smith

      Thank you! Glad someone appreciates it.

  • Jon

    Cool pen. Could be good for the office. I wish they offered other nib sizes. A fine regrind will cost almost as much as the pen itself.

  • Kai S

    Not bad at all. Alas I have no use for the stylus.

  • Jen

    Actually, upon further review, this pen reminds me of my father, a retired engineer. He’d love a pen with a built in level and he does have a tablet computer so the stylus might be handy. However, he doesn’t use fountain pens. At least not yet….

    • bibi

      A ballpoint pen version was released prior to this fountain pen one. It comes in yellow, silver and black.