lamy 2000 red fountain pen

Mark you calendars because on Saturday, November 23 at 7pm EST you’ll have the chance to bid on a very limited set of red Lamy 2000 writing instruments!

The set includes one of each of the following: LAMY 2000 fountain pen, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil, rollerball and multicolor ballpoint pen. Each pen is made from Lamy’s polycarbonate Makrolon but features a never before seen red finish. Included with the set is a custom case designed by Jony Ive and Marc Newson. The collection of red Lamy 2000 pens is estimated to sell for between 10,000 — 15,000 USD.

These red pens are a part of a much larger collection of products unique to, and created for, the (RED) Auction 2013. Proceeds from the sale at Sotheby’s New York will benefit The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

You can visit Sotheby’s site for more details and to register to bid.

UPDATE: The set sold for $32,250!

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  • Andrew Arndts on Facebook

    sadly way to rich for my checking account.

  • sitnstew

    While it’s cool that the funds will benefit charity, there is no way in hell I’d pay $10k for a Lamy 2000! They’re nice but not that nice.

  • Julian Chan on Facebook

    10000-15000? It’s totally NOT worth it. It’s ONLY a Lamy 2000. Madness..I can understand perhaps 700-1000 but that is just dumb.

  • hdoug

    Iʻm thinking they forgot the decimal point. Iʻm thinking $100.00 to $150.00 sounds more like it, no?

    • Adam Young

      $150 for a whole set of Lamy 2000s?! I’d jump onto that in a heartbeat even if they weren’t one off editions in a custom case :)

  • Adam Young

    So beautiful. Of course the price is stupid, but it’s not a retail so it’s fine. These auctions are just a place for rich people to donate money, not “buy” stuff.
    Though if I was a millionaire, and I wanted my money to go to a good cause I’d bid on these. Then I’d have to pick out what shade of red to fill it with. I wonder if they’d let you choose your nib size?

  • Minna

    I’m a little disappointed… For some reason I thought it would be significantly easier to get. At least it benefits charity.

  • Serena H

    They’re really pretty, too bad about the price point