visconti-25th-anniversary-urushiIn celebration of their 25th anniversary, Visconti is releasing a set of urushi-coated ebonite fountain pens based on the shape of the famous “Four Season” design.

The pens are finely lacquered from the best Japanese artisans presented in three different finishes: yellow gold, rose gold, and palladium plating. All the metal parts are 5 micron plated to provide a beautiful, durable finish. Each pen is enriched with the special 25th Anniversary logo atop the cap. Each pen features Visconti’s double reservoir filling system and a two-toned 23Kt. palladium nib.

The set of 3 pens is limited to only 25 worldwide and will retail for $4,750, or available individually at a MSRP of $1700 per pen.

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  • Hector Padilla on Facebook

    Dear wallet, I’m sorry.

  • Kai S

    Yikes! $1700 can get me two Nakaya Decapods, right?

    • Dan Smith

      That’s MSRP. I’m sure it actually sells for much less. There’s also value in exclusivity, or at least some people seem to think so.

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  • Phil

    That’s a whole lot of money for an ugly pen…
    I’m with Kai S