FPGeeks exist because we wanted a place to easily find the latest news and products regarding fountain pens. It seemed like the best place to get this news was in print. Even with the ease of access the internet offers, magazines were still the best source. We don’t have anything against magazines, they offer some of the best eye candy available, but we don’t want to wait two months to get the news.

We also wanted a place where we could “geek out” about all things fountain pen related without being censored. We wanted a place where we could be adults and be treated like adults. We wanted a place where we would be informed about what’s happening with the community. We wanted a place where our opinion would be heard and actually mean something. We wanted a place where if the users wanted a Lamy forum then they’d get a Lamy forum. That place is the FPGeeks Forum.

The blog is where you’ll find the latest releases from pen manufactures and other interesting news. We’ll feature pen reviews from time to time but rarely will you find an ink or paper review. There are many great blogs for that kind of information. You also won’t see any kind of rollerball or ballpoint on the blog. We do, however, cover a wide variety of subjects in our Twitter Feed. You can also get a sneak preview of the pens we’ll be reviewing by following us on Instagram or ‘liking’ us on Facebook.

We hope you enjoy it here and if you have any comments then by all means share them with us!

Editorial Staff

Managing Editor, co-founder: Daniel Smith
Co-founder: Eric Schneider
Cartoonist Laureate: Tim Hofmann