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FPGeeks is the leading online source of information about new fountain pens. Started in March of 2010 by Dan Smith and Eric Schneider, the intention was to promote fountain pens. But we lacked a vision. In September of 2011 we made it our mission to provide a place with the latest information on fountain pens from all manufacturers. In the past year we’ve added reviews, audio and video podcasts broadcast live every week, coverage of the largest pen shows in the US, and much more. We’ve developed a trusting relationship with our viewers who rely on our experience and opinion to guide their next purchase. Since we’re not a retailer we can offer honest, unbiased reviews in addition to exposure and influence to a premium audience who’s engaged and ready to buy.

Traffic and Social Reach

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Data taken from StatCounter.com on January 19, 2015.

During the past year we have averaged over 144,000 pages views and 92,000 unique visits per month. Starting from a measly 3,000 views in October of 2011, we’ve quickly grown to one of the most visited fountain pen sites on the web.

In addition to the website, we use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to keep in touch with our readers and spread the news as quickly as possible. The FPGeeks Forum

FPGeeks Forum
6000 members
Avg. Session Duration of 7min 16sec
6 page views per session
7500+ subscribers
825,000+ views
257 videos
4.6M minutes watched
6200+ followers
5900 tweets
Average 4 tweets per day
5000+ followers
268 avg likes per image
4200+ likes


Since FPGeeks’ inception we’ve published over 1400 articles and have received more than 15,500 comments. In addition to consistently being the first to release the latest product news, we also create our own original content that provides our readers with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions:

  • Awesome Reviews are the most in-depth fountain pen reviews available anywhere. They take a critical look at a fountain pen in several key areas and are always accompanied by a video review.
  • Our Hands-on feature allows us to provide readers with practical information after we’ve had a chance to write with a pen. It is a quick and easy read that can easily build interest in a new pen.

In addition, we provide pen show coverage that includes galleries, daily recaps, as well as video walk-throughs and interviews.

Reviews & Giveaways

We will happily review any product from any company, as long as it’s related to fountain pens. Companies with active advertising accounts will have their products reviewed first. Having an active advertising account does not increase the possibility of receiving a good review. Only a good product will receive a good review. See our Ethics Statement for more information.

Our month-long giveaways receive priority placement on the homepage of FPGeeks. Each giveaway is accompanied by an Awesome Review and is an excellent opportunity to increase exposure for your brand or new product. If you would like to participate, please contact us.


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$150 per week

Skyscrapers “A” and “E” will accepts five ads per spot and allow up to five advertisers to be in queue. Ads in queue will go live as soon as a spot opens.

The Billboard in ad spot “D” provides you with an exclusive space guaranteed to be seen by every visitor on every page. Only one advertiser is allowed to occupy spot “D” at a time, meaning you won’t be sharing the rotation, giving you maximum exposure.

If you would like to explore other advertising opportunities not listed above, such as sponsoring our coverage of an upcoming pen show, advertising during a podcast, or anything else you can dream up, please contact us immediately.

Past and Present Advertising & Promotional Partners

Anderson Pens
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La Couronne du Comte
365 by Giuliano Mazzuoli
Appelboom Pennen
The Pen Company
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Goldspot Pens

Advertising Policies

FPGeeks reserves the right to refuse any advertising on the basis of editorial discretion.
FPGeeks reserves the right to terminate advertising at any time for any reason.
FPGeeks reserves the right to label an ad as “Advertisement” if it cannot be easily distinguished from content.
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All sales are final. No refunds will be given on advertising.
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