Inkcyclopedia with SBRE Brown
Download the hi-res writing sample images: Montblanc Honoré de Balzac Dandy Turquoise (27.3 MB zip file)
The Inkcyclopedia “watch me first” video where I give detailed descriptions of the pens I use can be found here: Inkcyclopedia: An Introduction

This week, you can win a brand spanking new bottle of Montblanc Honoré de Balzac Dandy Turquoise, kindly donated by . Instructions on how to enter are provided in the video… The winner will be drawn randomly on Sunday, August 25, 2013, so make sure your entry is in by then. The winner will be announced in the next Inkcyclopedia entry, which will be online on Tuesday, August 27, 2013.





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  • ★ keri ★

    I won’t be able to watch the video itself until later, because of work, but I want to say that that is a beautiful benchmark splatter, and I’m looking forward to seeing it in action. Is there a slo-mo cut of it, perhaps? ;)

  • Shawn Di Blasi

    Easy one. White suit. Black leather platform shoes. Purple velvet hat with a pheasant feather. Dark sunglasses. And to top it all off, a black cane with a crystal handle!

  • skyppere

    The Classic! “Tan shoes with pink shoelaces, a polka dot vest and man oh man… tan shoes with pink shoe laces and a big panama with a purple hat band!”

  • Tanja

    Stop tempting me with the Akkerman…

  • AK7579

    1940’s cut light tan suit with a black shirt and 1950’s yellow silk tie and two tone (brown and white) wingtips and topped with a custom bowler hat.

  • Danielle P.

    No matter what other items of clothing — if any — a dandy wears, he must NEVER be seen without a cravat!

    (I was under the impression that the brown splatter was meant to look like coffee, which Balzac reportedly consumed in vast quantities…)

  • Scrib

    Swallow tailed coat with matching trousers. A satin waistcoat complete with pocket watch on a Prince Albert chain. Cravat with a cravat pin. Top hat, Balmoral boots, cane, and I suppose a flamboyant ring on the little finger to top the whole thing off. It goes without saying that a dandy is never without a fountain pen…

  • Jackie Parkins

    Matador boots with a Cuban heel
    Iridescent socks with the same color shirt
    And a tight pair of chinos
    Shark skin jacket
    (You know the kind with the velvet collar)
    And ditty-bop shades

    Oh, yeah! (name that tune)

  • Georgios

    The ultimate Gandhi outfit? A white bed sheet over your shoulder! Do not forget to cover your privates though!! :) Loved the intro of the video!!! lol

  • chad vandyke

    A hilo hattie Hawaiian shirt, an Armani black sports jacket, zubaz pants, vintage tony lama elephant skin boots, and a viking helment!

  • Brumario Castilla Ramos

    elegant, must wear hat and cane, two-tone shoes, formal attire and wear perfume

  • William Anderson

    I’m sure I’d adorn myself with a nice bowler with a silk puggaree to match my waistcoat. A crisp linen shirt with a cravat and flashy cuff links. A swallow tail jacket and trews trimmed in buckskin. Dr Martens 1460s in Oxblood and a hand finished Diamond Willow walking stick with a silver handle. A pocket watch, monocle and a Lamy Safari inked up with black would be my accoutrements.

  • AndyT

    Darkest purple drape jacket with narrow chalk stripe, high notched lapels and slit pockets; matching drainpipe trousers; brocade waistcoat in maroon with repeating fleur-de-lis motif; white marcella shirt with cutaway collar; rhodium plated sleeve retainers; one inch wide straight black woven silk tie; onyx tie pin; silver fob watch on single Albert; black patent winklepickers.

  • Marisa

    I just picture Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby in the 1974 The Great Gatsby. The pink suit and the driving hat. Bet he had a great pen collection…

  • Robinkeys

    The ideal dandy outfit would be a long red velvet tailcoat, high black riding boots, white riding breeches, a hat with a red plume, a sword cane, and of course, what would a dandy be without a trusty gentleman’s pistol hidden in the breast of his coat?

    • Robinkeys

      I forgot to mention a handkerchief folded neatly in his breast pocket.

    • sbrebrown

      +1 for sword cane.

      • Robinkeys

        Of yourself you would like the sword cane. I’ve seen your sword wall. Take this as a warning, folks. Never try to steal Mr. Brown’s pens.

        • CaptainGroovy

          Just remember don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

  • Jeremy Darnell

    My dandy outfit would be a nice three piece suit with a bowler hat an walking stick. I would have a nice pocket watch and cufflinks to match. A nice pair of spectacles with a few pens in jacket pocket.

  • Vern

    My idea of a Dandy’s outfit is:
    Edwardian morning coat,
    Sedgwick vest,
    Wickham trousers,
    Highly pressed pants with silk suspenders,
    Appropriate bow tie, shirt, &shoes

  • Miguel Coronel

    Three-piece suit, bowler hat, Montblanc 149

  • Andrew Wang

    A dark grey or tan suit, with a cedar blue shirt and a tie in a shimmering turquoise with gold accents along the edges. Not forgetting the pen part, my Parker 51 and Sheaffer Targa in the pen pocket. Brown leather shoes, preferably vintage. Add on a nice, automatic watch and finish with my violin and bow in hand.

    …Frankly, all of the fancier clothing isn’t all that necessary, as I’ve found. Dressing normally and just adding my violin is enough sway. That and playing some romantic era pieces.

  • Maja

    I own a modern Conway Stewart “Dandy” and it’s a small, but beautiful, lever-filler….but I guess you’re looking for the human equivalent, eh? Well, someone wearing a top hat & tails, carrying a walking stick and wearing a monocle, comes to mind.
    Thanks for another great Inkcyclopedia video, Stephen–you cracked me up with the opening line (which, come to think of it, was my winning entry in the Pink Ahab Valentine Giveaway ;)

  • Fawkes

    I would say my ultimate dandy outfit would be a beautiful Tom Ford bold paisley and floral dinner jacket with black trousers, tux shirt with polka dot studs and another crazy geometric print pocket square. And, the shoes would be Gaziano & Girling’s Sinatra model in Deco Black. As far as the pen is concerned, it would be my Montegrappa Eternal Bird.

  • A.J. Rosati

    My favorite first day of school Dandy outfit is compiled of my favorite green and blue plaid sport coat, brown vest, white shirt (steam pressed of course), blue flat front pants, brown belt, tan and navy blue saddle shoes. This is of course modeled after the good doctor of everything fountain pens himself.

  • Tommcz

    Ultimate dandy outfit? Well, I think that Mr. Bean’s outfit is dandy enough!:-)

  • Visvamitra

    I would wear something in flamboyant style, say woolen tailcoat with brass buttons, buckskin colored pantaloons and immaculately polished boots. A scarf tied around the neck plus some accessories – a long gold-knobbed, tasseled walking stick and bejeweled snuff box, in which I would carry chewing tobacco.

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    Nous les damnés de la terre entière
    Nous les blessés
    de toutes le guerres
    Nous ne pouvons pas oublier
    Un malheur, une honte
    une femme qu’on adorait…

  • Kaethe

    Since I want to see at least some of the dandy and not just the outfit, my favorite dandy outfit is: Black trunks, silver mirrored swedish goggles and silvery sparkling bathing cap. And, of course, he should be either wearing at least some muscle on his upper part of the body or be wrapped in a turqoise towel

  • Tanja

    Don’t know about the entire outfit but one would at least need a fluffy white bunny, which hides in the (long?) coat or under the top-hat, awaiting that precise moment where it comes out and everyone goes ‘aaaaaawh!’. Or a tiny dog, when you don’t have a fluffy bunny.


  • Heath Cates

    Business Casual…
    “Great men are seldom over-scrupulous in the arrangement of their attire.” -Charles Dickens

  • Michelle N Tremblay

    Such a gorgeous ink. I think this is the perfect turquoise I’ve been looking for to my starting ink collection. Great review as usual. The perfect dandy outfit would be a long black tailored waistcoat, dark purple velvet pans, a short top hat, striped black and white vest, dark purple tie, black boots, and white shirt. The design and style would be very steampunk.

  • writingrav

    A Superman tee, red cape, and a man-purse.

  • nomadhacker

    Gold silk shirt. Silk suspenders. Yellow and black vintage batik bowtie. Tweed sport coat. And good solid tennis shoes.

    Wait, was this a Balzac outfit, or the Doctor?

  • Shakir Kamal

    My dandy out fit would be a turquoise jacket with turquoise pants along with a white vest sporting a Montblac pen and shiny black shoes. I would be accompanied by my peregrine falcon perched on my left wrist.

    • Shakir Kamal

      Oh yes, I would also have my Ray Ban aviator sunglasses on.

  • fourseamer

    The height of dandy-ness for me fell somewhere in between Member’s Only jackets and Jams shorts. Everything else is beige next to a floral print short worn by a man.

  • SheilaM

    Lovely turquoise!

    In re: the dandy outfit – for God’s sake, don’t forget the corset. I have a pair of stays I can lend you if needed. Not the same but it’ll do in a pinch. So to speak.

  • Dirck in Saskatchewan

    As a part-time anarcho-Dandyist, I’ve given this matter rather too much thought–

    By summer: three-piece cream-coloured linen suit, the trousers cuffed, the jacket of three buttons and the vest of five; slightly darker linen shirt; brogued wing-tip spectators over tan bamboo-silk socks; unbleached Panama hat, C-dent, black band; gold vest-chain with a small hunter watch on one end and a Wahl 3298BW filled with Herbin Lis de The on the other; dark blue silk tie with a repeating fine diamond jacard pattern (my wife has a horror of ascots, feeling they push one from “dandy” into “fop”).

    By winter: three-piece wool suit, blue-tone charcoal colour with a pale pinstripe, same configuration as the linen except for six buttons on the vest; dove grey silk shirt; black suede brogued Oxford ankle-boots of black wool socks; medium grey snap-brim fedora, C-dent, dark blue band with a red feather at the bow; silver vest chain, single-ended with a restored early 19th c. Breguet repeater attached to it, while a cisele Parker 75 full of Diamine Syrah rides the upper left pocket of the vest; powder blue and grey striped Repp tie.

  • Lenaldo Rocha

    The ultimate dandy attire should include a top hat, a cane, riding boots all that stuff… but the ultimate dandy should dance like Fred Astaire.

  • E Chak

    Top hat, coat tails, waist coat, crisp white shirt, leather shoes…nothing too outrageous, but great when done well. See Canadian Chef Michael Smith and family in his recent wedding photo. Dandy!

  • Gary Linn

    The ultimate dandy outfit is all about the cravate. The rest of the outfit doesn’t matter. A well tied cravate and you’re good to go. Well, maybe some pants… you don’t want to get arrested…

  • KEP

    I love this ink and all things teal, so I’ll have to join in on the dandy-discussion, though with a slightly different take. I’d say narrow jeans, collared shirt, carefully complementary sneakers, well-styled hair, and a leather messenger bag. Probably also thick-rimmed specs and a huge assortment of Apple products. That said, I do have a friend who wears an honest-to-god cravat on regular workdays. He may be the ideal dandy.

  • Louise

    Top hat, coat tails, cravat, waist coat, bow tie, boutonnière, leather shoes, a pipe, and a neatly trimmed English mustache. Of course, there’s a fountain pen in one of the pockets!

  • DET

    No one has mentioned spats? Mustn’t a dandy wear spats?

  • Giovanni’s Roomba

    Basically anything Daniel Day Lewis wore in “A Room with a View”, not forgetting the pince-nez, because Cecil Vyse may have been an insufferable prig but god he looked great doing it.

  • Seth Croston Barber

    I’m afraid my dandy outfit only goes as far as a three piece suit with a pocket watch.

  • Vik-Thor

    I love the shade of the turquoise inks! I may have to buy some, if I don’t get this.

    Hmmm… a nice dandy outfit:
    Starting with a nice pair of black leather engineer boots, with sterling silver chains.
    A nice pair of leather chaps, tucked into the boots, and over a pair of perfectly faded blue jeans
    Bright electric blue pirate shirt, with a black leather vest (waistcoat).
    Ladder of stainless steel hoops going up each ear.
    Engineer’s cap topping it off.

  • David Jackson

    A bespoke kilt in Sutherland Ancient, full Prince Charlie kit. It was striking enough to get married in!

  • Jen

    Maybe I’ve been listening to too much swing revival lately, but a dandy isn’t a dandy unless he’s wearing a a zoot suit complete with spats and a gold pocketwatch chain.

  • Frank K

    Agree with the corset, elegant black tux with silk trim, white silk shirt, classic bow tie in red, and red Converse high tops. Cane and cigarette holder are optional.

  • Alexi_K

    I’d go with a black suit with charcoal pinstripes, a black vest, a black silk shirt with a silk scarf tucked into the vest and leather shoes. Accessories include a wool top hat with a pair of goggles, a pocket watch in the vest, black gloves, a walking cane, a fountain pen and a notebook in the coat pocket.

  • Polyphebus

    It’s not what one wears, but the lewd arrogance with which one wears it, that marks a true dandy.

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  • Larry U.

    Let’s see…how about a blue velvet smoking jacket, a red paisley silk scarf, a pair of linen trousers in solid black. Black stockings (calf high, or course), and a pair of fine leather slippers. I’d have to take up a pipe again and be sipping from a snifter of Cognac. Now that I think of it, it’s a pretty frightening picture!

  • Aditya

    Nothing fancy but will include either a hat or a nice coat.

  • thebitterfig

    Dandy starts with accessories. First, the socks. I’ve got a nice pair of purple-stripe ones I knit with just non-matching stripes, one goes red/purple/black, the other goes purple/red/black. Yarn does half the work, but nice regular stitches don’t knit and purl themselves. The color will clash somewhat with the rest of the outfit–mostly blue–but that does not matter to the dandy. Same reason sandals are not forbidden even with socks. Next, the tie. Silver tie-bar from the 20s, with a blue Lucite “stone” inset, from back in the day when plastic was exotic and fashionable. Tie will be dark blue, shirt powder blue. The pocket will require pens, and I’m feeling Platinum today. A SBTB-1000H rollerball in blue, refill replaced with a blue-black gel, and a Balance/Cool, filled of course with Honoré de Balzac.

    Sip some A’bunadh, and life is beautiful, but only half as beautiful as me.

  • Lefty Mcshroom

    Blue and white striped, seersucker suit. Blue vest. White Oxford shirt. Blue bow tie. Blue pocket square, three points up. Blue socks. While pattent leather shoes, with spats. Bamboo walking cane, or blue and white striped umbrella. White cotton gloves. White, straw boater hat with a blue, silk ribbon hat band. ….to me, a Dandy should look as though he may begin tap dancing at any moment.

  • Antonio Rosales

    One must start with the purple ascot, heliotrope smoking jacket, dark purple velvet breeches. and bunny rabbit slippers. Oh and a quizzing glass.

  • Tristan Noelmans

    Like Hugh Hefner seems to be dandy enough.
    Why no jokes about the meaning of the name of the writer in Dutch? :D

  • Andrew Turk

    I just normally go full tanned leather with a blue coif and Wild-west style hat with purple feathers. I sometimes also add my orange fox skin as a foulard with a neon yellow umbrella. If I REALLY want to go crazy then I’ll also add my Yellow Sponge bob square-pants, pants and finally: socks in my chest area to increase the size of my pectoral muscles (apparently a side effect of too much fountain pen writing).

  • Serge Vdovychenko

    Irish national team rugby shirt, khaki tactical trousers, military jungle boots. And Harris tweed cap of course. Oh, and a nice touch: a straw to chew.