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  • Scrib

    How would you say this ink compares in colour to the Waterman Havana Brown Stephen? Is it darker? (And I think this time you really did forget to do a third pass on the third pass sample, but it’s not the end of the world.)

    • Stephen Brown

      Wuhaha, I think you’re right :-). Funny, how first I obsess over it and then forget it in the next video :-). Anyway, Havana is, I think, a bit more of a reddish brown, whereas Toffee is a true “brown-brown”. I like both inks, but I consider Toffee to be a bit more of an archetypal brown (I hope that makes sense), so I prefer that one.

  • Stephen Brown

    I know JUST what you’re talking about :-)! I have the exact same association, and have even considered adding a reference in the video…

  • Frank Potter

    This was a useful review addition with only six hundred and thirty other fountain pen ink types out there left to review. When I looked at the Zip files for this ink I was surprized that the toffee brown looked like different shades of brown on different scan pages even when the same exact pen was being used. I do not mean the difference between using a fine point nib and comparing the difference to a broad nib result with the same ink. The very last Zip file looked best in the large script “TOFFEE”, while the Zip file right before it with the word “BIG” was a completely different shade of brown! Can you help with the kaleidoscope of shades of brown being seen between the separate Zip files?:-)

    • Dan Smith

      The ink samples are not scanned, they’re photographed, which would explain the minor differences in each page. The reason the last page is so much different than the others is because I increased the exposure for the creation of the banner and forgot to save the original.

  • Halbarad Odinson

    I know that you are a fan of bold saturated inks, but I, as a student, am forced to stare at my writing all day and very saturated inks tent to tire my eyes our rather quickly. So would you consider doing a more ethereal ink of a neutral color- perhaps a J. Herbin Gris Nuage?

    Thanks :)

    • Stephen Brown

      Next entry will be a black ink. I own gris nuage, but I’ve been unable to write legibly with that ink, even when using highly saturated nibs.

    • Misha Erementchouk

      You may want to check out J. Herbin’s Cacao du Bresil.

  • Michelle Smith

    I am far too amused by the “Heeey! Flexy lady!” bit.

    • Dan Smith

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.