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  • Tamara Fox on Facebook

    I love this ink :)

  • David Speers on Facebook

    Mine seems a bit redder than yours. Lovely ink.

  • Maria Camarão

    It looks like burnt sienna.

    • Breck

      You mean Diamine Burnt Sienna?

  • Greg Steer

    Interesting results with the flex nib Stephen. I’ve had the same experience but with the Australian Roses version in both an Ahab and a Nib Creeper. Gave up on using it for that purpose and it now lays down a nice fat line through a 1.5 stub on a TWSBI.

  • jim bradford

    This much discussed ink would have been nice to see next to the Diamine Oxblood or Diamine Sienna. The new tally system sounds interesting. My quick arithmetic tells me that seven rated categories means that the best score is a 7 and the worst score is a 21. It might be of use for the accumulated tally also to
    be listed in the review. The tally here of 10 suggests that this was a nearly superb ink if this was intended.

    • Stephen Brown

      Total tally, good idea.

  • snedwos

    Apache Sunset is a 0 on the shading front. It is the one that breaks the rating system.

  • Shizaru

    Could the railroading simply be due to the viscosity of the ink? Looks to me like it simply doesn’t hold between the tines.

  • jaz

    great concept…the tally score system…good objectivity…is that creaper flex giving pblms more than once? …the pad is getting more colorful every day. enjoy the review. thank you.

  • Edu Almeida

    I just got a sample. Beautiful ink, performs nicely. It’s hard to choose a favorite between English or Australian Roses.

  • Breck

    So, it is not red or brown. But something “in between”. I wonder how this ink would compare with J. Herbin’s Terre de Feu?