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  • mrul

    Bravo, great color.

  • The Ruffled Quill

    As always an excellent review Sir! Nice ink almost tempted to get some!

  • Tim Marshall

    A very interesting ink. Although I am not a lover of blue black, this obviously has a lot going for it. Thank you.

  • Alex Hackmann

    Excellent review! Stephen, I just think you should have written “excellent” instead of “good” in the bleedtrough, feathering and waterproofnees. In your reviews here, there were much less behaved inks with the same “good”, understand?

    • Stephen Brown

      That score-card remains a very subjective thing… I am still not fully decided on how to make it more objective. Thoughts continue to be spun :-).

      • SakiVI

        Did it fetch your newspaper and slippers? You know, “Well-behaved”? ;-)

  • David

    “Inkcyclopedia Index (coming soon)”

    Steven, once again – what is the point of the ever-growing “Inkcyclopedia” without an INDEX?? Please tell us tell us what the perpetual “(coming soon)” means!

    I don’t want to be harsh, but there are two places I go to for ink reviews: Obviously on the Fountain Pen Network (FPN) and less often (because there is no index) Inkcyclopedia. An index should be very simple to do IMO.

    Thank you for your efforts though; I appreciate your contributions very much… David

    • Dan Smith

      David, your incessant need to criticize without offering suggestions for improvement is becoming less and less tolerable. If you’re unhappy with the content of this site, please feel free to find an alternative. Otherwise, we’d be very happy to hear about your “very simple” solution to the index.

      • SakiVI

        Wow, I get onto FPGeeks for the first time in a couple of weeks (think so, anyway) and there’s a random person complaining about an ink index like it’s going to make or break his life, and a moderator telling him off. This is excitement!

        Sarcasm aside, I’m so ordering a Salix sample. It will go beautifully with Orthodox church music. Thanks, Stephen!

      • okami

        Mr. Smith — This may just be my ignorance speaking, but wouldn’t a generic HTML page divided into manufacturers and products serve as a basic index? Granted it would be high-maintenance but functional and at this point the inkcyclopedia is not so large to make it infeasible. Just a thought until something more efficient is worked out. Thanks.

  • SakiVI

    This is gorgeous. I’m ordering a sample!

  • fred huffington

    This ink when wet looked alot like Sailor jentle blue, and then it suddenly changed completely when drying. There should be a special need for these shape shifter inks.

  • Breck

    Curious name. Salix is the genus of willows.

  • David Masson

    Just got this ink myself. Personally, I like the ink, but I have noticed a few quirks to it. First, while it feathers less than most of my other inks, it actually feathers more than regular Noodler’s Black. Second, I have got a bit of nib creep on it, which is unfortunate because when it dries on top of the nib, it leaves a fair bit of residue (similar to Noodler’s Black.) All that being said, I still really like it. I enjoy the waterproofness, the inkredible shading, the color, just a few little things, that is all.

  • Ted

    This or Bad Blue Heron…..hmmmm…..