Fountain Pen Geeks Pen Show Calendar

You’ll find two lists below. The first contains annual (usually) pen shows with confirmed or pending future dates. The second names shows with no available info for future shows.

Note that the columns are sortable! (Geeky, we know.)

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Upcoming Pen Shows

Pen Show NameDate(s) (Year/Month/Day)Location
Pen Show NameDate(s)Location
Los Angeles International Pen Show2014/02/13-16Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
Atlanta Pen Show2013/04/12-14Atlanta, GA, USA
Northern Pen Show2013/04/21Lytham, Lancashire, UK
Chicago Pen Show2013/05/02-05Rosemont, IL, USA
Torino Pen Show2013/06/02Piazza Statuto, Torino, Italy
Midland Pen Show2013/06/23Guildhall Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK
Washington, DC Supershow2013/08/08-11Vienna, VA, USA
Dallas Pen Show2014/09/26-27Dallas, TX, USA
Madrid Pen Show2013/11/15-17Madrid, Spain
Belgian Pen Show2013/09/29Waterloo, Belgium
London Writing Equipment Show2013/10/06London, UK
Philadelphia Pen Show2014/01/17-19Philadelphia, PA, USA
Ohio Pen Show2014/11/06-09Columbus, OH, USA
Long Island Pen Show2014/03/15-16Hempstead, NY, USA
Miami Pen & Watch Show2013/07/12-14Miami, FL, USA
Eastern Pen Show2013/03/17Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Southwest Pen Show2013/02/10Bristol, England, United Kingdom
North East Pen Show2013/09/01Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom
San Francisco Pen Show2014/08/22-24Sofitel San Francisco Bay, Redwood City, California
Michigan Pen Show2013/09/27-28Troy, Michigan
Baltimore Pen Show2014/03/01-02Baltimore, Maryland
Arkansas Pen & Watch Show2014/03/07-08North Little Rock, Arkansas
Triangle Pen Show2014/05/31-06/01Cary, North Carolina
Melbourne Pen Show2013/11/24Melbourne, Australia
Valencia Pen Show2013/09/20-22Valencia, Spain
Tilburg Pen Show2013/09/28Tilburg, Netherlands
Hamburg Pen Show2013/10/03Hamburg, Germany
Vienna Pen Show2014/10/26Vienna, Austria
Trieste Pen Show2013/04/07Trieste, Italy
New England Pen Show2013/06/14-16Boston, MA
katowice Pen Show2014/04/12-13Katowice, Poland
Turin Pen Show2013/10/12Turin, Italy
Sheffield Pen Show2013/11/09Sheffield, England
Toronto Pen Show2014/11/02Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Barcelona Pen Show2014/03/15Barcelona, Spain
Nuremberg Pen Show2013/06/01Nürnberg, Germany


Past Pen Shows

Pen Show NameLast Show Date(s)Location
Pen Show NameLast Show Date(s)Location
Barcelona Pen ShowMarch 20-21, 2009Barcelona, Spain
Cologne Pen ShowMarch 22, 2009Köln-Poll, Germany
Malaga Pen ShowMay 8-10, 2009Malaga, Spain
Rome Pen ShowSeptember 13, 2009Rome, Italy


If you know of a pen show that’s not listed, contact us and we’ll add it asap.