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  1. Favorite Sheaffers??
  2. Finally landed one of my grail pens!
  3. Sheaffer VFM... concern? Vapour? Chimerical Notion?
  4. Of All The Antique Joints, In All The Towns, In All The World, I Walked Into Hers
  5. I love me some Sheaffer factory stubs!
  6. Anyone interested in Snorkels? How about stickered NOS ones?
  7. my N.O.S Imperial 777
  8. Found a Statesman in the wild.
  9. Two Of My Sheaffer Targa Fountain Pens
  10. Ugh, my new Sheaffer Snorkel
  11. Imperial II Deluxe
  12. Picked up my first PFM...
  13. Sheaffer Fountain Pen Ads
  14. A replacement converter needed
  15. Two from Jim Gaston
  16. Lady Sheaffer 620 Fountain Pen Review
  17. Sheaffer Gold Plated Barleycorn Pattern
  18. Sheaffer Triumph Imperial 444 Review
  19. New Sheaffer Valor w/ Fine Nib | Nib Replacement
  20. Sheaffer Nostalgia Review
  21. My first vintage Sheaffer
  22. My new sheaffer
  23. Early Australian Sheaffers
  24. Little metal sheaffers
  25. Sheaffer pygmy overlay in the basket weave pattern
  26. Lady Sheaffer 921 Review
  27. My favorite sketching pen...old Sheaffer.
  28. Tuckaway sac size?
  29. Australian Snorkels
  30. Monster Sheaffer Balance (Off-Catalogue) Collection for Viewing at Raleigh Pen Show
  31. Sheafer Fountain Pen What Model and Year is it
  32. Sheaffer identification please
  33. Interesting Sheaffer Balance
  34. Can anyone identify this pen?
  35. Just got my Tuckaway back from Pentiques
  36. The Balance That Wasn't?
  37. Flat top snorkels, how many different types of snorkel did the make
  38. Re Pen Cap Specification For A Sheaffer 33 Or 3-25
  39. Sheaffer Customer Service
  40. Phone Dialer Mystery
  41. Sheaffer Hard Rubber Dates
  42. LORDS OF SHEAFFER at the DC Pen Show, starting today August 2013
  43. Sheaffer Ads
  44. My first Sheaffer
  45. Sheaffer scraps for solvent welding practice
  46. Legacy, two nib sections...how do I know what to ask?
  47. Please help to identify my Sheaffer model
  48. Sheaffer Balance Special Edition In Amber Glow
  49. Which model of Sheaffer is this
  50. Sheaffer Snorkels, where any made in England
  51. How to sell an Imperial on the eVil Bay
  52. Sheaffer Holiday Originals - The Holly Pen & The Snow Pen
  53. Sheaffer Legacy 2 Fountain Pen
  54. Sheaffer ID
  55. Value of a fully restored PFM III
  56. help! I need info on this pen! thank you!
  57. Need help on Sheaffer Fountain Pens
  58. Sheaffer Balance 875 Lifetime Fountain Pen
  59. A less usual sheaffer
  60. A PDF recopilation of some Sheaffer´S patents
  61. 200 Sheaffer'S ads fully legible. From the beginning until Snorkels
  62. Two new (to me) Sheaffers found on the bay.
  63. My new, 45+ year old, Sheaffer
  64. Need help with a dry Craftsman
  65. Some TM TDs with gold bits
  66. should I buy these?
  67. TM TD Soverigns, uncataloged
  68. Can you recommend a converter for Sheaffer Legacy?
  69. Need help with Sheaffer 875
  70. Sheaffer PFM I
  71. News: Sheaffer was not the first to offer a Triumph fountain Pen
  72. Impulse PFM II Buy - thoughts?
  73. Sheaffer Fountain Pen Id
  74. See how much the modern Sheaffer knows about vintage Sheaffer
  75. Bought a couple of inexpensive old pens on ebay
  76. Sheaffer Flat Top, What have I bought.
  77. Sheaffer Triumph Nib Adjustment
  78. Just bought my first Shaeffer Snorkel.
  79. An Intro to Collecting Sheaffer (Photos!) by David Isaacson
  80. Two Sheaffers on Flea Market
  81. Sheaffer Fashion Comparison and Questions
  82. Sheaffer Lifetime Nib Numbers: Explained At Last
  83. My Sheaffer Trio (Craftsman Lever, Touchdown, Snorkel)
  84. Rings...
  85. Australian Imperials ( gold plated)
  86. Sheaffer Cartridges Opaque?
  87. Sheaffer Autograph
  88. My Sheaffer Sub-Brand Collection
  89. choosing first v8ntage pen.
  90. Targa Desk Set Question
  91. Sheaffer Valiant repair referral
  92. Lady Balance in Striated Carmine & FT Nib Restored
  93. My 1st Touchdown White Dot Restoration.
  94. My 1934 Sheaffer Balance
  95. Exquisitely rare Sheaffer Balnace (1937-1941 or so). Happy Happy David.
  96. 1942-5 (WW II era) Sheaffer Triumph in Golden Pearl Celluloid with Special Nib.
  97. That off-catalogue Sheaffer Balance (Carmine Celluloid) fromt the Chicago Pen Show
  98. Sheaffer Carmine Celluloid Eye Candy.
  99. My Second Snorkel (Burgundy) this time with a Fine Nib
  100. What do you think of the pfm??
  101. Scored a Sheaffer Touchdown TM - Crest Deluxe Pen & Pencil Set
  102. Fountain Pen Eye Candy. An "ultimint" Sheaffer Snorkel
  103. Sheaffer WW-II era Tuckaway, with uncommon "reverse" trim.
  104. A gift to those who study Sheaffer 1930s sub-brand WASP pens.
  105. Sheaffer Halloween.
  107. Happy David. A most uncommon 1930s Sheaffer Balance. I'd been hunting years for one.
  108. Sheaffer Balance off-catalogue cap-band eye candy.
  109. Most beautiful Sheaffer Balance?
  110. "Jeweler's" cap-band Sheaffer Balances, per chat with Jon Szanto.
  111. Sheaffer OS Balance. Mint. Lucky find.
  112. Does the snorkel tube serve an inadvertent dual purpose?
  113. US and Australian Snorkels Side by Side
  114. A Black Pen Society Sheaffer Balance, they way they oughtta look :)
  115. 1930s Sheaffer Balance "Uber Autograph"...
  116. Sheaffer Balance Junior. Carmine Celluloid.
  117. The Frank Purdue approach to Sheaffer buying. "Parts is Parts".
  118. Some forgotten Jade. A bit embarressed, really, sort of, maybe...
  119. Vintage Sheaffer Ink Eye Candy. Something a bit special
  120. What do I have and how can I bring it back up to writing condition
  121. A Challenge for Sheaffer Balance Collectors: OS Ebonized Pearl mid-1930s
  122. Redonkulously Happy David. A good week for orange flat-tops
  123. Ebonized Pearl Sheaffer Balances. A would-be art shot.
  124. Interesting Sheaffer Autograph
  125. Lazy Thursday Morning Sheaffer Balance Eye Candy. Ebonized. Spiral. Tags. Eep!
  126. Sheaffer Snorkel. Music Nib, Shmoozic nib.
  127. Sheaffer flat-top in Jade Celluloid. Not too shabby.
  128. Phat Sheaffer Phun at Philly
  129. Mint-Stickered Sheaffer Balance Ebonized Pearl. Round 2.
  130. Fascinating Sheaffer Balance Autograph.
  131. Happy David. An old Sheaffer Crest.
  132. Need Help in IDing a Sheaffer
  133. 1940s post-war Celluloid Sheaffer. Happy Davey, with a shout-out to Greg Minuskin.
  134. Should I buy these ?
  135. Sheaffer Targa... Yeah, Baby.
  136. Advice on Sheaffer snorkel/triumph nib models
  137. Shallow pockets and special Balances.
  138. Snorkel Fun!
  139. How to fill a Sheaffer PFM
  140. Serendipity
  141. Exotic Sheaffer Balance Ebonized Pearl from the LA Pen Show 2015
  142. Another killer Sheaffer Balance from the LA Pen SHow 2015: Autograph
  143. Sheaffer Flat-Top Black and Pearl. Yowza!
  144. (PICS!) A very good month or so to be a Sheaffer collector.
  145. What is a reasonable price to pay for a PFM today ?
  146. A mini-collection of big Balances.
  147. My Australian Imperials
  148. Imperial Brass Imperial set...
  149. What is the difference between Shaeffer Imperial I, II and III ?
  150. Sheaffer Triumph Lifetime Manufacture Dates
  151. Sheaffer's Original (1937-1941) Crest featured in this issue Fountain Pen Journal
  152. PFM Mark 1 slip cover worries me
  153. Found my fathers old pen, is this a Lifetime?
  154. Which is the most iconic and most collectible Sheaffer ?
  155. Eye Candy. Sheaffer Balance brown-stripe with off-catalogue cap-bands.
  156. Old Sheaffer Targa
  157. Nib grade on Targa?
  158. Converter For 1970 Scheaffer 440 (Quasi-Imperial)
  159. Sheaffer ballpoint
  160. The obsession with PFM continues
  161. Sheaffer Imperial IV Touchdown Fountain Pen
  162. Finally got my twin
  163. Is this a Sheaffer Balance?
  164. Which is a better bang for the buck for a modern Sheaffer ?
  165. Sheaffer 444XG
  166. Triumph nib pens: help?
  167. Not every girl is someone's dotter...
  168. Sheaffer Eye Candy. A Pair o' WASPS.
  169. Sheaffer Eye Candy. Statesman Deluxe
  170. Pleasantly surprised by Sheaffer School pen
  171. Got around to shooting my 1st Year Snorkel Sentinel with a 14K Tube
  172. Sheaffer Preslude Stealth Black Fountain Pen Eye Candy.
  173. King of the WASPS. Happy David.
  174. Sheaffer 1920s oversized flat-top Cherry Reds
  175. A trio of Sheaffers from the Black Pen Society
  176. Sheaffer Balance Reverse Trim Collection
  177. Sheaffer Balance mid 1930s Ebonized Pearl Celluloid. From the "Happy David" file.
  178. Sheaffer orange flat-top happy david
  179. Australian Sheaffer Crest Deluxes
  180. What are these, and how can I fix them?
  181. Sheaffer Balance. Happy David.
  182. WASPs. Heh.
  183. Circuit Board collection.
  184. Near Modern Sheaffer Eye Candy. Connaisseur.
  185. How to Use a Parker gel/BP Refill in a Sheaffer Targa (Classic) Rollerball Pen
  186. Opportunity to see a "world' heftiest" focused collection of Sheaffers at Philly.
  187. Sheaffer Celluloid 1945-1947 bead band Eye Candy.
  188. Happy David. A Sheaffer Balance pops up on ebay, but not for long.
  189. Imperial Variation Clarification ?
  190. Does the Sheaffer Heritage finish hold up?
  191. Slimline Sheaffer - Identification
  192. Which is the best Sheaffer re-issue ?
  193. Video professing my love for PFMs
  194. Early Sheaffer Crest 1937-1950 (Lever/Vac)
  195. Do I need to loosen the cap on a vac fill
  196. Sheaffer Ladies Fashion pens
  197. 1930s Sheaffer Balance. Happy happy David.
  198. Sheaffer Balance 1930s. Golden Brown Standard-Diameter pens... with a twist.
  199. Amazing gift!! I couldn't be happier :D
  200. Glowingly Happy David. A matched pair o' Balances.
  201. Sheaffer Craftsman Touchdown pen
  202. Re: Jackie Robinson's pen
  203. A trio of gray pearl oversized 1930s Sheaffer Balances. Happy David
  204. Sheaffer 305 pick up
  205. I was at a vintage store today and ran across a combo pen by sheaffer
  206. Monotone Lifetime Nibs on Striped Balances
  207. Two-tone open nib pneumatic Sheaffer madness
  208. Of Tuckaways and side pockets
  209. My NoNonsense
  210. Are the Sheaffer snorkel pen expensive?
  211. Sheaffer Voyager V-Mail kit
  212. Can somebody identify my vintage sheaffer pen?
  213. 1 hr video seminar: Off Catalogue Sheaffer Balances: Raleigh 2016 Pen Show
  214. Sheaffer lady pen
  215. This is a 'Crest', right?
  216. Triumph 787
  217. NoNonsense with A Painting on the Cap
  218. Legacy 2 Deal
  219. Imperial Sterling Silver set.
  220. Inherited Sheaffer
  221. Sheaffer Tuckaway Post-War Carmine Celluloid Eye Candy.
  222. Sheaffer collection from France
  223. Were all vintage Sheaffer white dots on PFMs protruding ?
  224. How to know for sure the next vintage Sheaffer you buy is not a FrankenSheaffer ?
  225. A weird thing happened to my Sheaffer Prelude
  227. Difficult fillers
  228. Brown Striated Sheaffer Balance Premier with odd nib
  229. Sheaffer fantasy body sold separately?
  230. which model of Sheaffer please
  231. I found a weird Sheaffer Flat top
  232. Please Help Me Identify This Pen!
  233. I bought a Sheaffer Legacy 1 with TD filler....Observations
  234. Bought a Sheaffer Tuckaway vac-filler on eBay...
  235. Opinions/thoughts on the Sheaffer Valor?
  236. Please advise - Sheaffer oversize
  237. Flat Top Lever Alignment
  238. Whatever became of my beloved school pen?
  239. Lagacy II metal barrel having intermittent fill quantities.
  240. Clearly it is condition, Junior
  241. Heritage ain't what it used to be
  242. Triumph Tuckaway? Repair or sell for parts?
  243. Modern Sheaffer: I like this one
  244. ID help? Misled (I think) by a bead cap band
  245. Balance - This is how it really happened!
  246. 1930's Sheaffer clip material?
  247. Balance barrel transparency
  248. Very bizarre jade half-balance
  249. Unusual snorkel for Snorkel Triumph flex nib
  250. Vaccum Fil restored