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  1. Yay!?
  2. I was born into a religious southern family. A personal path to belief.
  3. OK...so, now what?
  4. I have done this elsewhere but would explain my past actions here
  5. "Best" Books on Zen Buddhism/Meditation
  6. The Revival
  7. The Great Obscenities in the US today.
  8. Teenagers, no respect!
  9. Fr Ray Kelly singing at a wedding
  10. Happy Passover
  11. Lent Photo
  12. Poll: Tony Blair
  13. Baphomet rises in the state of Oklahoma
  14. Important FCC vote tomorrow (Future of Internet in US)
  15. British Workers? There's none left.
  16. Tomorrow is Election Day.
  17. Should religious leaders....?
  18. Mosul Christians - pay infidel tax, leave, or die. By noon.
  19. Help save Gammy, abandoned surrogate baby who is very ill.
  20. Politics, Religion and Shopping
  21. Tomoe River Bible
  22. Scotland's Independence Referendum, 18 September 2014
  23. Happy St. Heathen's day, everyone!
  24. Happy gunpowder treason day!
  25. Vatican's ruffle. From Panama hats to yes, fountain pens.
  26. Wedding best wishes
  27. Cute girl's wish for Christmas cards
  28. Paris murders: Europe has been betrayed by a generation of profiteers and hypocrites.
  29. Generation Clashes: Are things today better, worse, or just different?
  30. The Jordanian Pilot
  31. West Ham fans show Chelsea the proper way to behave
  32. Make no mistake: the Top Gear brouhaha is cultural warfare
  33. This
  34. one week to go
  35. The US 2nd Amendment.....
  36. Musings of late...
  37. Little Girl Who Lost Family Wants Christmas Cards
  38. Christmas Eve vigil
  39. Lent is coming 'what are you giving up'
  40. Cockney Trump
  41. Why we need a strong government to check capitalism.
  42. Definition of Christian
  43. What should be the goal of education?
  44. Father Tom Uzhunnalil
  45. On Direct Democracy and Universal Suffrage
  46. The News link thread
  47. Brexit vote - USE A PEN!!
  48. Muslim Shot Outside Mosque In Houston.
  49. The Islam Thread
  50. How far can it go? [presidential race] Who knows. Until then, how about some fiction?
  51. Great political commercials of the season.
  52. Choices
  53. The meme debate thread
  54. Landlords...
  55. Christmas? Humbug!
  56. Americans advised to avoid computers and send written missives instead
  57. Postcards, and a perfectly wonderful reason to send some!
  58. Let's make America Grate Again.
  59. Interesting
  60. Companies who did not collaborate with the Nazis?
  61. Love. Does it even exist?
  62. single person from history you'd most relate to?
  63. Let's take a tour along part of the area where the WALL is supposed to go.
  64. If you could choose your next reincarnation...
  65. Are you prepared..?
  66. JFK... your theories?
  67. Is Society Evolving or Degenerating?
  68. BERNing Red Coming Back?
  69. state ownership of pharmaceutical production
  70. Concepts of time
  71. why shouldn't Ireland have a 'hard' border?!
  72. Bill of Rights (1689) - bigoted?
  73. Joe Rogan 'chats' w/ Bernie Sanders
  74. For SIR - Thomas Sowell
  75. Hillsborough...
  76. Poetry of Emily Dickinson
  77. Rogue Comapny Directors
  78. Post your Contentious Virus Posts Here
  79. Silly Conspiracy Theories
  80. Kent State
  81. Rioting over police killing
  82. Latest from Vatican Handbook on Child Abuse reporting
  83. Leading Britain's Conversation
  84. When politics affects my pen purchases
  85. if the protestant faith had saints...
  86. Upcoming US election Nov 3 2020
  87. I Cannot Fathom This Election
  88. True Crime Fans?
  89. Speaking of conspiracy theories...
  90. Christmas 2020
  91. Trump demands that Georgia Secretary of State change votes so he wins.
  92. With the Washington Post's history of lying, why do people still read it?
  93. Scott Adams on the Media
  94. Countdown until the maniac is gone
  95. How can Trump-believers be persuaded that he lost an honest election?
  96. Empathy
  97. Eric Weinstein
  98. Americans see democracy under threat — CBS News poll
  99. David Brooks
  100. GameStop, shorts and Reddit. Storming the Capital...
  101. Why did this bother me? dumb white person thoughts
  102. Hard disk error 303 quick
  103. "a conspiracy unfolding...." "...a well-funded cabal....
  104. Land on the Sun? Try at night.
  105. Trump Won Two-Thirds of Election Lawsuits Where Merits Considered
  106. Vaccine question
  107. Money doesn't buy you happiness.
  108. At a Cross Road
  109. Nvidia Control Panel won't open WIN7
  110. Juneteenth Holiday
  111. Preserve, protect and defend
  112. Trump, then Biden Afghanistan Debacle
  113. Biden and the Bible
  114. Kabul and Responsibility
  115. Dr. Robert Malone
  116. The new and improved COVID catch-all thread.
  117. The Appeal of Duck Dynasty
  118. Political Tribalism
  119. Trump was right
  120. Hope for the Lost Souls of Liberalism
  121. Tell us why anyone should agree...
  122. The cult of “anti racism” has fully taken over the NFL
  123. Restoring Fortitude
  124. What if Only the Wealthy Could Receive a Covid Vaccine?
  125. Supreme Court Expansion
  126. How to Start a Cult
  127. What Happened: Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on 19 Months of COVID
  128. Covid19
  129. Share you experience
  130. Interesting Video
  131. Share Your favorite Quote
  132. Are you better off…
  133. Student Loans??
  134. The Jonestowning of America
  135. Freedom to Vote Act
  136. Vaccine mandate ethical dilemma
  137. Miracle in Japan (COVID Youtube link)
  138. The pivot begins...
  139. For Chuck - The voting thread
  140. Climate Change honesty
  141. Space Travel
  142. Hacktivism: Good, Bad, Ugly?
  143. Can We have a Civil Discussion about Abortion?