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  1. SOLD Franklin-Christoph, OMAS, and Pilot
  2. A Question About Shipping
  3. 14k FC medium nib, fine tuned by Dan Smith
  4. SOLD Montblanc JFK Ink
  5. SOLD WTS: leather pen cup and sleeves (preferably as a bundle)
  6. SOLD Pelikan 100, early model from 1936, flex nib
  7. SOLD FS: Pilot Custom Heritage 92 (Black/Smoke Demo, 14k FM Nib)
  8. FS: Aurora Ipsilon 14K Rhodium-Plated F Nib and Section
  9. Pelikan 1000 Broad Stubbed nib. Nib only.
  10. SOLD Franklin -Christoph p66 solid ice
  11. SOLD FS: Pelikan M400 Brown Tortoise EF
  12. [WTS] Platinum Yamanaka (Maki-e conv) [B] MB Generation [A1]
  13. SOLD Vintage Sheaffer: PFM I (factory stub), Balance (factory superflex), Snorkel Triumph
  14. SOLD MontBlanc 146 Platinum
  15. SOLD Visconti HomoSapiens Bronze Age Maxi
  16. SOLD Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki
  17. SOLD WTS: LAMY 2000 .5mm pencil
  18. Inks for Sale
  19. SOLD TWSBI Micarta V.2 With clip EF
  20. FS: Pelikan m400 vintage
  21. Faber Castell Ondoro Black - Medium nib
  22. Pelikan M605, dark blue, medium nib
  23. SOLD FS: Lamy Nexx M with Medium Nib and Z24 Converter
  24. SOLD Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age Maxi Fine Nib
  25. SOLD Delta Dolcevita Federico Stantuffo Oro with 2 Nibs
  26. SOLD FC Loom for sale (F) $25
  27. SOLD FS: Pelikan M400 White Tortoise F nib
  28. SOLD Pelikan M400 Red - Mint
  29. FS: Pelikan M405 Black - F - MINT!
  30. SOLD FS: Pelikan M400 Blue - F - MINT!
  31. Fs/wtt Visconti Opera Elements 'fine' 23K Pd Nib
  32. Montblanc 146 with Masuyama Cursive Italic nib - $300
  33. Green striated Pelikan m400
  34. Lamy 2000 (Makrolon, M Nib)
  35. 50% Off Delta Horsepower Pens
  36. SOLD Pelikan 1000 With Masuyama Stub Nib
  37. SOLD Pilot Kakuno F Nib with Con-50 and Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands
  38. Modern Conway Stewart Dandy 'Replica'
  39. SOLD FS: Lakeside Wood-grain Ebonite with Flexible nib
  40. Levenger L-Tech 3.0 (Stealth Black Broad)
  41. SOLD WTS: Lamy 2000 .7 mm Mechanical Pencil
  42. Lot of Pens - Delta, Pelikan, Parker - Shipping Worldwide
  44. SOLD Limited Edition Lamy Al Star Copper Orange Medium Nib with Z24 Converter
  45. Lamy Scala Anniversary Set! (Lamy Glacier FP Set)
  46. Selling a Lot of Lamys 41 Pens plus nibs and ink
  47. Montblanc 146 Legrand Set plus Montblanc Meisterstruck pencil & FC leather pen case
  48. Kaweco AL-Sport Black Set
  49. Auror Afrika LE Medium 18K Nib, just tuned by Dan Smith
  50. SOLD FS: Conklin Crescent-Filler #75 (near-mint)
  51. SOLD Pelikan, Visconti, Montblanc
  52. TWSBI VAC700
  53. SOLD WTS: handmade glass dip pen and Diamine Ancient Copper 30ml
  54. WTB: pilot vanishing point Nibs
  55. Mabie Todd Swan pen
  56. SOLD "The Charlex pen" UK made piston filler (ca. 1955) with new IPG nib
  57. Pelikan 1000 nib for sale
  58. SOLD 2 beautiful and rare 1930's caseine lever fillers. Made in France, no brand
  59. 40% Off Delta Momo Alumina Fountain Pens & Rollerball Pens
  60. Pelikan m800 Burnt orange in EF nib
  61. SOLD Vintage Montblanc Meisterstück 136, 1940's
  62. SOLD FS: "CAW" button filler, celluloid, 1930's, 14K semi flex nib.
  63. SOLD Fs: Pelikan K800 Burned Orange
  64. SOLD FS: Lamy T52 & T51 ink
  65. SOLD FS: Pelikan M215 Rings F - MINT!
  66. OMAS Arco Bronze Celluloid Milord
  67. SOLD FS: Lamy Studio Ballpoint Palladium - MINT
  68. SOLD LAMY Scala Titanium - MINT
  69. SOLD Lamy Dialog 3 Palladium - MINT!
  70. SOLD Lamy Accent Brilliant Briar - MINT
  71. SOLD LAMY Imporium TiPt - MINT
  72. SOLD FS: Graf von Faber Castell Guilloche Rhodium
  73. Diplomat Aero Model FPs Back On Sale!
  74. SOLD OMAS 556/F Vintage Edition--EF nib tuned by Daniel Smith
  75. SOLD FS: Small no name button filler. Caseine. 14K M/F nib 1930's
  76. SOLD FS: Vintage Caseine No Name lever filler with semi flex steel nib.
  77. SOLD Franklin Christoph Fountain Pen
  78. SOLD 14k FC Broad Stub Masuyama and Pendleton Brown Broad BLS
  79. Lot of Pelikan 320, 405 and 600
  80. FOR SALE: Montblanc Jules Verne Fountain Pen
  81. Nice Faber Castell, Conklin, Monteverde; affordable "next level" pens
  82. Silver Parker Vacumatic FP+pencil set.
  83. Very Rare - Omas Extra Lucens - 30's
  84. SOLD FS "Adler" German 1950's gray celluloid button filler, steel Reform nib
  85. SOLD Visconti Accademia Italiana Limited Edition
  86. FS: Edison Herald Amber Tortoise 18k EF Nib
  87. SOLD Namiki Custom Impressions Extra Large with Fine Nib
  88. SOLD Parker Royal Challenger (Grey Herringbone)
  89. SOLD Shawn Newton Custom Gibby in Blue Swirl Ebonite with 14K OM Flex Nib
  90. SOLD WTS: ink bundle and 2 Lamy user-grade pens
  91. SOLD FS: Parker 51 Flighter, CS 85L, Sheaffer Admiral, Waterman Phileas, Aurora Ipsilon
  92. SOLD Aurora 88 vintage, soft flexible fine
  93. FOR SALE: Classic Pens (Lambrou) LB6 Celestial (eBay Auction)
  94. Pelikan M120 Green Black Special Edition Fountain Pen w/ Steel Fine Nib
  95. SOLD FS: Sailor Store Exclusives
  96. SOLD Visconti Dreamtouch 3 pen case
  97. Venvstas Carbon T FPs Special Purchase!
  98. FS: Inks (KWZ, Diamine, Montblanc)
  99. Restored Parker 51 Vacumatic + British Blood Red Parker 51 Aerometric
  100. SOLD FS: A Big Orange pen with M to BBB flex
  101. Three Japanese pens: Pilot, Sailor and Platinum
  102. Delta Sky Blue with Fusion Fine nib. Hand made and numbered.
  103. SOLD Platinum Century 3776 Chartres Blue
  104. SOLD FS: Kritzler Wood-grain with original flexible Kritzler nib
  105. Sailor Pro Gear Slim and Faber Castell Ondoro
  106. SOLD Franklin Christoph Stabilis (model 66)
  107. SOLD 2015 Edison Nouveau Premiere Seasonal Edition Midnight Thunder
  108. SOLD TWSBI Eco Halloween Franken Pen
  109. SOLD Montblanc Oscar Wilde fountain pen & mechanical pencil
  110. Visconti Millionaire Honey marble FP/RB
  111. SOLD Aurora Optima 365 Abissa LE
  112. SOLD Aurora Optima 365 Brown Marble
  113. Lamy 2000 - Medium Nib
  114. SOLD Parker "51" Aerometric in Midnight Blue---EF nib
  115. SOLD Pair of Edison Pens - Huron and #76
  116. SOLD Maruzen Stream Light - Store Exclusive Pen
  117. SOLD Visconti Kakadu LE
  118. SOLD A Trio of Platinum 3776s
  119. Pilot Capless (Vanishing Point) Matte Black
  120. Inks - Montblanc, Diamine, Noodler's, Sailor, etc.
  121. SOLD FS: Orange Omas Ogiva Alba LE with Italic Medium nib - $275
  122. SOLD Blue Pens: Cross Century II and Lamy Studio
  123. SOLD WTS: Lamy 2000 EF, inks, and rotring 600 pencil
  124. SOLD Franklin Christoph 02 Emerald Ice M
  125. SOLD Pilot Custom 823 Demonstrator FA Nib
  126. Sailor Pro Gear II Realo (Sigma)
  127. FS: Platinum 3776 Century Bourgogne (Burgundy) 14k EF NIb
  128. Several Montblanc and Pelikan pens for sale including a MB 136G Long inkwindow
  129. Pilot CH 92 Smoke - F Nib. And Ink Lot
  130. SOLD WTS: Lamy Al Star Oceanic Blue (Rollerball!)
  131. Edison Beaumont Stealth LE, FC Ondoro Oak, Kaweco AL Sport stone wash, Eastern flex
  132. 'Earth' Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen
  133. Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Palladium Fountain Pen - Medium
  134. Pilot Stargazer/Stella 90S
  135. SOLD MontBlanc 146 Platinum Medium nib. mint.
  136. SOLD Edison 2012 LE Glenmont 13/25
  137. FS: Pelikan, Parker, Pilot, Sheaffer, Bexley fountain pens
  138. SOLD Tactile Turn Brass Mover
  139. Pen Stands
  140. SOLD Karas Kustoms Stonewashed Orange Ink FP
  141. Visconti homosapiens London fog extra fine nib
  142. FS: Morrison Gold Filled 14K body with Medium Flex
  143. SOLD WTS: Vintage Waterman Skywriter with 14K nib, Lever Filler
  144. SOLD Sailor 1911 Profit Standard and Kaweco AL Sport
  145. SOLD FS: Caran D'Ache Saffron ink
  146. WTS A Flock of Pelikan Tortoises, Lamy 2k CI, Decimo CI, Nibs, other pens
  147. FS: Ebonite Parker 51
  148. SOLD Waterman Ideal SuperFlex!
  149. SOLD Conklin Cresent Filler for Restoration
  150. WTS Delta, Edison, Pilots, Lamy Ballpoints, Chinese Pens
  151. Manu Propria Pens - For sale
  152. Conklin Crescent Filler FPs on sale this weekend!
  153. FS: Pelikan M205 Green Demo with 14kt Gold EF nib
  154. SOLD Lamy 2000 medium nib
  155. Aurora 2Cart
  156. SOLD FS: Pilot 823 Clear-Demo
  157. SOLD Pelikan M600 Red Broad Nib $219
  158. SOLD Newton Pens
  159. SOLD Pelikan M400 white tortoise
  160. SOLD Pelikan M805 Anthracite
  161. SOLD Nakaya special kanji limited edition #7
  162. SOLD Twsbi 580AL Orange with Skyline Flex Nib
  163. SOLD FS: [Vintage Flex] Waterman 0552 1/2 — Conklin Crescent Filler #30
  164. SOLD FS: Pilot CUstom 74 Blue Demo with SF Nib + spare F nib
  165. SOLD m400 green stiped flex KM
  166. SOLD Aurora 88 Sole Limited Edition FP
  167. SOLD Platinum 3776 Century Black with C Nib
  168. SOLD Pilot Custom 742 with Music Nib
  169. [WTS] Pelikan M1000 nib unit, F, PF marked
  170. Delta Matte Journal FPs On Sale!
  172. SOLD 12 Pen PU Fake Leather Case plus Bonus Edding 89 Office Liner Pens
  173. SOLD Montblanc Boheme Platinum retractable nib
  174. SOLD Hobonichi Weeks 2017 planner and cover
  175. SOLD Pilot Con-70 Converter
  176. SOLD Repair project: Wahl Eversharp Doric Junior (#72)
  177. Pelikan M400 White Tortoise
  178. SOLD FS: Pilot No.5 14kt gold spare F nib
  179. WTB: P-51 Plum
  180. SOLD WTS: Bexley Stalwart Fountain Pen in Oxblood with F Nib (NEW)
  181. Pilot Custom Heritage 91 - SM
  182. SOLD Kaweco AlSport
  183. SOLD Newton Gibby Elf Pen
  184. Diplomat Excellence FPs On Sale Now- Federalist Pens!
  185. FS: Pilot Custom 74 black body - cap (Spare parts)
  186. HAPPY HALLOWEEN PEN SALE (prices so low, they are frightful)
  188. SOLD Aurora Afrika Medium Nib - Relisted with price drop and new photos
  189. FS: Platinum 3776 #65 Jupiter Marble Ebonite 14k UEF Nib
  190. SOLD FS: Montblanc 144G Ski Slope Feed C. 1951 F 14C Nib
  195. Platinum Century 3776 Black 14k SF +extra body
  196. SOLD Lamy 2000 EF / Lamy Studio Palladium BP
  197. SOLD Aurora 88 black with gold trim M nib
  198. WTS Edison Collier (Persimmon Swirl/only about 2 months old)
  199. Newton Gibby Elf Pen - Broad Architect Nib
  200. SOLD Waterman Ideal #5 Red Ripple Flex
  201. SOLD WTB Pilot Custom 823 AMBER
  202. FS: Biltwell with Full-flex nib
  203. Pelikan M205 Blue Demo with M600 14k Fine Nib
  204. FS: Franklin-Christoph Model 27 w/ Medium Stub nib
  205. FS: TWSBI Mini fountain pen
  206. [WTS] Stipula Tibaldi, Sailor Nagasawa LE, Graf von Faber Tamitio
  207. SOLD Lamy 2000M (stainless steel model) USER
  208. SOLD Kaweco Al Sport
  209. SOLD FS: FC Model-03-Italian ICE, Parker Premier, Stipula Etruria
  210. Montblanc JFK Ink and Pelikan M120 Green Black Fountain Pen
  212. Pelikan Toledo m700
  213. SOLD Two User Grade modern Montblanc 146s
  214. Lamy Dark Lilac Ink! 150 mL - choose your own volume
  215. SOLD Pelikan M400 M nib w/ assembly
  216. Cross Peerless London Limited Edition fine point fountain pen
  217. SOLD Pelikan 800 two chick pen.
  218. SOLD FS: Pilot Custom 823 F nib plus Pilot Iroshizuku Asa Gao
  219. Montblanc two digit pens for sale.
  220. Montblanc three digit pens
  221. SOLD Montblanc 147 with B nib
  222. Montblanc boheme medium 14k nib
  223. SOLD Franklin Christoph M-14 stub
  224. SOLD Franklin Christoph M-29 Stub
  225. SOLD WTS: Tactile Turn Mover - Raw Aluminum Model
  226. SOLD FS: Visconti Opera Club Black Guilloche
  227. FS: Parker Challenger
  228. Signum Orione Blue Duetto fountain pen with custom CI nib
  229. SOLD Signum Orione Duetto Red pen.
  230. SOLD Montblanc 3-Gusset Briefcase
  231. SOLD Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age
  232. WTS/WTT: Sailor Kobe #46 Nagisa Museum Gray, 4 Seasons Rikyu Cha
  233. SOLD Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel - medium nib
  234. SOLD Waterman's 14S Saftey
  235. waterman phileas fountain pen blue marble
  236. Pelikan tortoiseshell pencil
  237. SOLD 14k #6 Broad BLS nib
  238. SOLD MontBlanc and J Herbin Inks
  239. Waterman Laureat I and Lamy Al Star
  240. SOLD WTS: Jinhao, Knox, IPG and Zebra G Nib Lot
  241. Sheaffer with a two tone stub AND flex nib
  242. schaffer ball point for sale like new
  243. SOLD Pelikan M805 Souveran Blue Stripe - Extra Fine nib (like new!)
  244. SOLD Rotring Tintenkuli 1950's converted to regular fountain pen with Bock nib.
  245. SOLD Nakaya Long Portable Cigar (no clip) in Aka-tamenuri w/ 14k Medium Nib
  246. SOLD Converted Rotring Tintenkuli with Reform nib
  247. SOLD Nudder early resin Montbalnc 149
  248. Two Waterman 52½V fountain pens
  249. SOLD WTS: Goulet (JOWO) B Nib
  250. Renaissance Art Leather Journal