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  2. SOLD Pilot Faceted Vintage Vanishing Point
  3. Newton, Franklin-Christoph, Scriptorium, Visconti
  4. Diplomat Aero FPs On Sale!
  5. His Nibs.com update -- You're sick of hearing it by now, but...
  6. SOLD FS: Pilot Custom 823 (Vac Filler, Amber, 14k F nib, New)
  7. SOLD FS: Aurora 88 (Large/Full size, Piston Filler, 14k B Nib)
  8. SOLD FS: Lamy 2000 B Nib (14k, Nib Only)
  9. Manu Propria Pens - Special Offer 2017
  10. SOLD Waterman Man 100 Opera
  11. SOLD Parker Duofold Centennial
  12. Pelikan M400 Tortoise Brown Fountain Pen B nib
  13. Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Black B nib
  14. SOLD FS: Omas Arte Italiana Milord (Black & Gold, 18k M Nib, Piston Filler)
  15. SOLD Pelikan M805 Stresemann w/18k Fine Nib Customized by Mottishaw into a Cursive Italic
  16. SOLD Visconti Opera Metal Monza and Michelangelo Back to Black
  17. SOLD Two 50s Montblanc 146s
  18. SOLD Namisu Nova Titanium, Medium Steel Nib
  19. SOLD Notebooks for sale
  20. SOLD FS: Pilot . TWSBI. Franklin Christoph, miscellaneous
  21. WANTED: KarasKustoms Render K (V2) Silver
  22. 3 Bottles of Edelstein (Amber/Garnet/Turmaline)
  23. SOLD Pilot VP .7mm Daily Italic Nib
  24. SOLD Nakaya Nakai-ai Writer in Ao-Tamenuri w/ Rhodium Broad Mottishaw Smooth CI Nib
  25. SOLD THink Fountain Pen For Sale
  26. WTB: Pilot VP PINK
  27. FS UK Pelikan M405 Blue/Black EF nib
  28. SOLD FS: Parker 51's
  29. SOLD Cases for sale - Manhattan Portage and Franklin Christoph
  30. SOLD WTS Vintage Eversharp Skline lever fill in black with YGF cap and 14k nib
  31. SOLD [WTS] Montblanc 146R, Boheme Noir, Soennecken 111 Superior, Waterman 56, 14k Pencil
  32. SOLD Nakaya Heki-tamenuri Cigar Piccolo with Mottishaw stubbed broad nib.
  33. SOLD FS: Lamy B Nib (Safari, Studio, etc., 14k, Nib Only)
  34. SOLD Ink Lot - J Herbin, Noodlers
  35. SOLD FS: Lamy Studio, Royal Red (14k F Nib)
  36. WTS: Jinhao X450 with a Cursive Italic Nib
  37. SOLD Lot of inks 2: Waterman, Pelikan, Lamy
  38. SOLD Parker 45 and Faber Castell Loom
  39. SOLD Namiki/Pilot Faceted Stealth Vanishing Point, 14k Fine nib
  40. SOLD Conklin, Italix, Asa
  41. SOLD Eversharp Skyline Blue Moire Flex
  42. FS: Pilot MYU
  43. Waterman and Prera
  44. SOLD FS: Nakaya Long Cigar Aka Tamenuri
  45. SOLD Sailor 1911 Realo for sale
  46. SOLD FS: Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Carbon Fiber
  47. SOLD Namiki vintage faceted vanishing point/capless
  48. SOLD FS: Pilot Vanishing Point 'Kasuri' (Green, 18k EF Nib, Capless)
  49. SOLD Sailor 1911 Standard, MS (Music) nib
  50. SOLD Platinum century 3776 - Chartres - C
  51. SOLD Montblanc 342 G - With Original Box and Instruction Manual From the 1950s
  52. Used fp for sale
  53. SOLD 1927 invention - Dietzgen Pen stand and ink filler - unusual item
  54. SOLD Parker Duofold Centennial Lapis Lazuli Medium nib
  55. SOLD 4 Interesting pens: Dunhill LE, Cleo Skribent, Yard-O-Led Grand, Visconti LE
  56. SOLD FS Retired Franklin Christoph Model 14
  57. SOLD [WTS]: Pelikan M1000, with "PF" marked F nib
  58. SOLD Delta Peace Limited Edition
  59. SOLD Sailor 1911 Large
  60. Monteverde FP Tool Pens On Sale!
  61. SOLD 14k nib Early Bexleys - Black, Grey and White, .925 Caps, Prototypes
  62. FS Pilot Custom 823
  63. SOLD WTS: Lamy 2000 Steel with Pendelton Brown Butterline Stub
  64. SOLD Pelikan M400 Broad Italic Nib Unit
  65. [WTS] Da Gong 56 - Vintage Chinese Vanishing Point Clone [B]
  66. SOLD WTT/WTS Faber Castell Loom in Metallic Orange with F Nib
  67. SOLD Vintage German Safety Filler made of celluloid!!
  68. SOLD Lamy 27 solid gold!!
  69. SOLD Parker "51" Nassau Green
  70. Waterman, Sheaffer, Lamy, Skyline
  71. SOLD Faber Castell E-motion white <broad>
  72. SOLD FS: Pelikan M600 (Red Stripe, 14C F Nib, New/Unused)
  73. SOLD More Bexley Goldlines and other classic Bexleys
  74. Waterman Carene - Brand New (x2 - 1 Blue ST Med, 1 Black & Gunmetal Fine)
  75. SOLD Two New Visconti HS Steel Age Maxis, Fine and Medium
  76. SOLD Sheaffer Legacy's for Sale - medium nib
  77. SOLD FS Tactile Turn Gist, all Ti, steel EF nib
  78. SOLD One Star Leather Notebook Covers (A6 Hobonichi & A5)
  79. SOLD Ratnamson 302 Green Mottled Ebonite
  80. SOLD WTS VP Matte Black with
  81. [WTS] Bespoke Fountain pens: Cocobolo and Ebonite, Polished Aluminum, Colored acrylic
  82. SOLD Visconti van Gogh Room in Arles.
  83. 14k nib Bexleys: Goldlines and Special Pen World in White or Black
  84. SOLD Montblanc 342 G - Workhorse with a Smooth and juicy OBB Nib
  85. SOLD WTS: Pilot Custom 74 in Black Resin with 14K "C" COSU Nib AKA "Japanese Sharpie"
  86. SOLD FS: Aurora 88 Sole LE (18k EF Nib, #567/888, New/Unused)
  87. SOLD 4 Pen Sale - Eversharp Doric, Skyline, Pilot Faceted VP, Franklin-Christoph
  88. SOLD Iroshizuku Yama Guri
  89. SOLD FS: 2 Omas Arco Browns
  90. Delta Icon Model FPs On Sale!
  91. SOLD WTS: ASA Wizard, Horween Natural Chromexcel A5 Notebook Cover
  92. SOLD Franklin Christoph 31
  94. Montegrappa Espressione
  95. SOLD Pilot Fountain Pens, Custom 92 SF, Vanishing Point with Medium and Fine nib
  96. SOLD FS: Sheaffer Sentinel (Mandarin Orange, Snorkel, 14k M Nib)
  97. SOLD FS: Pilot Vanishing Point 'Kasuri' (Red, 18k F Nib, Capless)
  98. SOLD Vanishing Point
  99. SOLD WTS/WTT: Kaweco Ice Sport in Blue with F Nib and Kaweco Mini Converter
  100. WTB: Sailor Pro Gear Slim Pink Transparent EF
  101. SOLD 5 Omas Celluloid Paragons - PRICE REDUCED
  102. SOLD BunguBox Ink
  103. SOLD Pilot VP Matte Black
  104. Bungubox 5 pen case
  105. SOLD Platinum 3776 ebonite Jupiter UEF nib
  106. Sheaffer Targa 1024X Sterling Silver Fountain Pen
  107. SOLD Sheaffer Targa 1026X (Barleycorn) Sterling Silver Fountain Pen
  108. SOLD ETA - Pelikan M400
  109. SOLD two very early and uncommon Lamy pens
  110. SOLD Pelikan M405 Stresemann
  111. SOLD Sailor Progear II Fine nib
  112. SOLD WTS: Lamy CP1 Platinum Finish
  113. SOLD Pelikan M400 - Fine Nib - Reb/Black - Mint
  114. SOLD OMAS Bologna "Passioni"
  115. SOLD FS: Lamy 2000 Ballpoint and 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil
  116. SOLD FS: Parker 51 Aero "51" Plum 1948 Medium
  117. FS: Pilot Vanishing Point. Blue Carbonesque w/ <M> Black Nib
  118. FS: Pelikan M400 Souveran Blue/Black Stresemann <M>
  119. Pelikan Souverän M800 Red Striated 18C Fine Nib -- Discontinued by Pelikan
  120. Monteverde Mountains Edition FPs!
  121. Waterman Phileas FP
  122. SOLD Dark Green Parker 45 that doesn't write
  123. SOLD Ink Sample Lot
  124. SOLD Platinum 1911 Large
  125. SOLD Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Carbon Fiber Titanium Nib + Iroshizuku Asa Gao
  126. SOLD Esterbrook SJ 2668 and Retro 51 Betsy Ross
  127. SOLD Visconti Rembrandt in black with two nib units
  128. SOLD WTS/WTT Manhattan Portage Pen Case
  129. Omas, Pelikan, Lamy- Funding a grail pen
  130. SOLD BRAND NEW Visconti Wall Street LE Green
  131. SOLD Aston Leather 6 pen zipper case, New
  132. SOLD WTS: Sailor Pro Gear A Mode Orange Finish with 21k Fine nib (rare Sailor from 2010)
  133. SOLD WTS: Lamy Safari - Red - M nib
  134. FS: Monteverde Prima ballpoint pen and matching fountain pen
  135. SOLD FS: Flashy Brown Majestic Pen
  136. SOLD FS: Sheaffer Balance Petite set in Carmine Red
  137. SOLD Custom hand-turned pen
  138. SOLD Limited Edition Platinum 3776 Yamanaka
  139. SOLD Omas Arco Brown Paragon - PRICE REDUCED!
  140. SOLD Namiki vintage faceted vanishing point/capless - Burgundy
  141. Bexley Admiral FPs- Save big now!
  142. Contentment sale: affordable pens including semi flex and stubs.
  143. Manu Propria Pens - Sales of Prototypes
  144. W- E Skyline Gray Moire, Flex, Std Size
  145. Karas Kustoms INK v1.0 and 2.0 Available
  146. SOLD [WTS] - Vanishing Point Blue gold trim fine nib, Pilot pen Samburu leather case
  147. Namisu Orion Fountain Pen - $40
  148. SOLD Franklin-Christoph Model 66 Ice w/ Medium SIG Nib
  149. SOLD Pelikan M405 14k Fine Nib
  150. SOLD Pilot Custom 912 + Wancher FP
  151. SOLD WTS ASA Nauka, body only, fit #6 Jowo Unit
  152. SOLD Pelikan, Lamy, Omas Modified prices
  153. SOLD For Sale: Franklin Christoph 03 Anderson Special edition - nib of your choice
  154. Two nice Omas 360s
  155. SOLD Pilot VP 18k Rhodium-Plated Nib Unit, Custom Medium-Stub
  156. SOLD Pilot VP - 2012 LE Charcoal Marble Gray - Fine
  157. SOLD Esterbrook J Copper - Broad Stub
  158. Sailor Pro Gear, Lamy LX, FC Model 02, Edison Pearlette
  159. SOLD Faceted Vanishing Point
  160. SOLD Franklin-Christoph 19 Pendleton Edition
  161. SOLD Bexley Blue-Violet Columbus Pen Show Edition, Broad
  162. SOLD Cheap ink lot Pelikan, Lamy, Waterman
  163. SOLD Medium Newton Gibby With 1.1 Stub
  164. Delta Matte Journal On Sale!
  165. SOLD WTS: Parker "51" Special in Navy Gray with a gold nib
  166. SOLD FS: Pilot Vanishing Point Stub (SU) Nib Unit (18k Rhodium-Plated)
  167. FS: Cross Sauvage with Crocodile Pattern
  168. Pelikan M100 NOS
  169. SOLD [WTS] Visconti HS Bronze Age, Stipula Tibaldi LE, Nagasawa Black Proske
  170. SOLD WTS: Waterman Exception Night and Day Black Stripes
  171. SOLD Aurora 75th Anniversary Marble Red
  172. SOLD FS: Brand New Aurora Optima Burgundy
  173. SOLD FS: Brand New Sailor 1911 Large Gold
  174. SOLD Visconti HomoSapiens Bronze Age 1.3 stub
  175. SOLD Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Orange Demonstrator Fm Nib
  176. SOLD Pelikan M200 Cognac Demonstrator Ef Nib
  177. FS Cross Solo - Burgundy Trim - GP Custom B Stubish Nib - Boxed
  178. St. Louis Watermarked paper - 40 sheets - The Gateway West
  179. SOLD Pelikan M805 Blue - Fine Nib
  180. SOLD Lamy Studio - Imperial Blue
  181. Some Omas Piston fillers
  182. SOLD Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen Gift Set Medium Nib
  183. SOLD Piquadro Nikolai Single Pen Wallet
  184. SOLD [WTS] Lamy 2000 Steel with EF nib
  185. SOLD [WTS] Visconti Homo Sapiens Maxi, bronze, fine
  186. SOLD Pilot Vanishing Point Special Edition Cherry Bamboo w/ 18k Medium Nib
  187. SOLD Franklin-Christoph Model 02 in smoke and ice clipless version w/ steel MCI Nib
  188. SOLD WTS: Delta Dolce Vita Federico M Steel Nib Piston Filler with original box and papers
  189. Custom Scriptorium pen with Visconti 23k Dreamtouch Fine nib with Pendleton Brown BLS
  190. SOLD Twsbi 580AL Orange Fine or Broad Nib up to you!
  191. SOLD Namiki Vintage Faceted Vanishing Point - Green
  192. SOLD [WTS] Pelikan M200 Red demonstrator
  193. SOLD Montblanc 149 - Two-Tone 18K M Nib
  194. SOLD Pelikan 405 Stressemann and M250 blue/black set
  195. SOLD 2 Waterman: Man 100 Opera, Vintage Glass Cart Pen, both excellent
  196. SOLD Newton Shinobi (Smoke/Neon Green) // $195 OBO
  197. Montblanc 147 LeGrand Traveller
  198. SOLD Aurora Optima 'Black/Chrome' with a Pendleton Brown 'BLS' nib
  199. SOLD FS: Calligraphy Targa, Prelude, Semi-flex Skyline, 51 Special, Al-star
  200. SOLD WTS or WTT - Pens!
  201. Conklin Crescent Filler Classic FPs On Sale!
  202. SOLD WTS: Montlanc Agatha Christie Fountain Pen
  203. SOLD WTS: Pilot Vanishing Point Metallic Series Copper Red w/ 18K F Nib + Con 50 Converter
  204. Visconti dell'Eden
  205. SOLD Pelikan M205 Amethyst SE Fountain Pen w/ steel fine nib
  206. SOLD Vintage Pen Lot for Sale: Parker, Esterbrook
  207. SOLD UK ink + penvelope clearout - Edelstein, MB Tolstoy, R&K verdigris
  208. SOLD WTS: S.T. DuPont Defi Bp
  209. SOLD OMAS 360 Black Resin w/Medium Nob
  210. SOLD Franklin-Christoph Model 25 Creme w/ 18k Masuyama Medium CI Nib
  211. Near Mint Sailor 1911 Large Black M (Rhodium)
  212. SOLD Platinum #3776 Celluloid #62 Tortoise (Bekkou) Fountain Pen F Nib
  213. SOLD Montblanc 149 Pendleton Brown BLS, Bexley Decoband, Bexley Owners Club 2014, and more
  214. SOLD Sailor Pro Gear or 1911 Large nib, H-F
  215. SOLD Soennecken 116 - Semi-Flexible Ef-F - 1940S
  216. SOLD Pelikan 400 - 1950S, Medium Nib
  217. SOLD Montblanc 342/Monte Rosa - Cap Mismatch?
  218. SOLD Esterbrook J + LJ + nibs
  219. SOLD Visconti Divina Metropolitan Grey Celluloid - Fine Nib
  220. SOLD Pilot Pens for Sale
  221. Pelikan M400 Tortoise Brown SE w/ 14k Mottishaw Cursive Italic Fine Nib
  222. SOLD Montblanc 144 G - Serviced By Fountainbel
  223. SOLD Pelikan nib - m800 two tone broad - new
  224. Thinning the herd
  225. SOLD Montblanc 144G-Serviced By Fountainbel
  226. SOLD WTS: #6 Cursive Italic Nib
  227. Leather Pen Roll
  228. SOLD Franklin-Christoph 02 in Smoke and Ice Clipless w/steel Masuyama Broad Curs. Ita Nib
  229. WTB: User Kaweco AL Sport
  230. SOLD TWSBI 580AL Pink Skyline Flex Nib
  231. SOLD Sheaffer Targa 1005, 23k GP lined pattern
  232. SOLD Celluloid Montblanc 142G - Serviced By Fountainbel
  233. SOLD Blue Pelikan M805
  234. SOLD Nakaya Double Sword Stand in Heki-tamenuri
  235. SOLD Pelikan M800 LE Brown Tortoise
  236. SOLD WTS: Jowo (F) Nib Unit in Stainless Steel
  237. Diplomat Aero FPs On Sale Now!
  238. Pilot Custom 823
  239. Whitelines Paper at A&D Penworx
  240. SOLD Franklin-Christoph 45 in Cherry Ice, Twsbi Eco Clear, Namisu Orion Titanium
  241. Custom made pens: Cafe au lait pocket pen; Emerald Swirl mid-size pen
  242. SOLD Franklin Christoph Model 45, Lamy Al-Star Orange Copper, TWSBI Eco, 1930's Sheaffer B
  243. SOLD Namisu Orion Black w/ Bock Steel Extra Fine Nib
  244. WTS: Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point Fine Nib Unit - Black
  245. SOLD WTS: Franklin Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic Solid Emerald w/ Medium Masayuma CI Nib
  247. SOLD FS: Lamy F Nib (Safari, Studio, etc., 14k, Nib Only)
  248. WTS: A Tray of Parker 51's & a Montblanc Safety Filler
  249. SOLD Weekend Specials
  250. SOLD Namiki Capless Vintage Faceted Collection FS - 3 colors Black Blue Green