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  1. Aurora Pens NEW Duo Cart Model 20% Off
  2. SOLD Omas Bronze Arco
  3. SOLD Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel extra fine nib
  4. Conklin Nozac Red Penline 7mm
  5. SOLD Sheaffer Statesman, Snorkel
  6. SOLD FS: Pilot Falcon SM
  7. SOLD Parker 51 Kullock Custom and Bexley Prometheus
  8. SOLD Lamy Safari and bottle of ink
  9. SOLD Huge, beautiful Vintage Big Ben #6 nib with section and feed
  10. Lamy Imporium Black and Gold with fine 14K nib
  11. SOLD FS/FT 2 Bexley Prometheus, mint
  12. Pelikan m800 Broad Cursive Italic Nib
  13. SOLD FS: Lamy 2000 bp and rb (Makrolon)
  14. SOLD FS: Lamy 27 (Vintage, Piston Filler, Black/Gold, 14k F Nib)
  15. SOLD FS: Lamy Lx (Ruthenium, M Nib)
  16. SOLD FS: Montblanc Franz Kafka 3 Piece Set
  17. SOLD FS- Pelikan solid blue/black frankenpen fountain and ballpoint set
  18. The PENguin Summer News!
  19. WANTED: Prometheus Alpha Pen (Aluminum)
  20. SOLD WTS TWSBI Mini Classic (nib EF)
  21. For Sale: Franklin Christoph Pocket 20 Musayama Needlepoint
  22. SOLD Omas 556 desk set never used/ uninked
  23. SOLD Parker 51 - non standard
  24. SOLD Non-vintage modern Conklin Symetriks - Green/Black and White/Black
  25. NOS Sheaffer Skripsert Cartridge Pen/Pencil Set
  26. SOLD Faber-Castell Loom Fountain Pen - Orange color; Medium nib
  27. SOLD Platinum #3776 CENTURY - Bourgogne (red) with 14k Med nib
  28. SOLD Pelikan M400 Tortoise (Modern) with Fine Nib
  29. SOLD Nakaya Piccolo Writer in Shiro-tamenuri w/14k Double Broad Mottishaw .8mm Stub Nib
  30. Rotring 600 Fountain Pen Body and Cap
  31. parker duofold clips
  32. SOLD Pelikan 800
  33. SOLD Pelikan M805 Demonstrator w/18k Fine Mottishaw Cursive Italic Nib
  34. SOLD Trilogy Pens Zero (Black with Gold-Colored Nib)
  35. SOLD Ti2 Techliner - Captain America (Copper Shorty with Blue Clip)
  36. SOLD FS: Aurora Monviso – Factory Italic!
  37. SOLD Omas 360 Blue Pearl with Masuyama Needlepoint
  38. SOLD Amazing Omas Arco Brown Spina di Pesce Set
  39. SOLD Conway Stewart Churchill
  40. SOLD WTS: Lamy NEXX F Nib
  41. SOLD FS: Visconti Divina Desert Springs FP-Broad
  42. Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze 1.3mm Stub
  43. SOLD FS: Pelikan M800 Green Stripe (Cap & Barrel only, Older Cap Logo)
  44. SOLD Parker 45, black with Fine steel nib
  45. Wanted to buy : Omas Ogiva Alba Purple EF Extra Flessibile nib.
  46. WANTED: Sheaffer Balance Walt Disney Limited Edition
  47. SOLD FS: Omas Ogiva Arco Bronze - Broad Nib
  48. FS: Parker Norman Rockwell FP Limited Edition
  49. 1928 Mabie Todd Swan 230c
  50. SOLD FS: Nakaya
  51. SOLD Pilot Iroshizuku 7 Ink Lot
  52. SOLD FS: Pelikan M101N 14k B Nib Unit (Script Design, Fits M200 and M400)
  53. SOLD Eboya Natsume Tanshin Red Medium Size with 14k Medium-Fine Nib
  54. SOLD Nakaya Mini Decapod Cigar in Aka-tamenuri with 14k Broad Mottishaw Cursive Italic Nib
  55. Sheaffer No-Nonsense Pen with Calligraphy Nibs (NOS)
  56. SOLD Waterman 52 Red Ripple
  58. SOLD Montegrappa, Sailor, & TWSBI
  59. SOLD FS: Sailor Sapporo/Pro Gear Slim (14k B Stub Nib)
  60. SOLD HAMAMONYO Fountain Pen Handkerchief
  61. 18111 Pens Objectivist Fountain Pen
  62. SOLD Montegrappa American Dream 18k
  63. SOLD Carolina Pen Company Georgetown in Opal Stardust
  64. SOLD Architect and Waverly Jowo #6 nibs
  65. SOLD OMAS 18K Nib
  66. SOLD FS: Bexley Stalwart (Chinese Red, EF Nib)
  67. SOLD Disregard
  68. SOLD Montblanc 225 BB
  69. Visconti Homo Sapiens, 3 Pelikans, and a Parker Vacumatic
  70. FS: LE Pelikan M800 Royal Gold Raiden Maki-e Medium Brand New with Papers
  71. Sailor 1911 Large Demonstrator for Sale
  72. SOLD Montblanc 342-G - 14C Gold Om Nib
  73. SOLD Franklin-Christoph 66 Ice w/ steel Masuyama Medium Cursive Italic Nib
  74. SOLD OMAS Arco Celluloid Paragon Extra 1992 Medium (near Mint)
  75. Franklin Christoph 31 Italian Ice M Nib
  76. Pillot Custom 74, dark red, with fine nib
  77. SOLD WTS- Pelikan M400 .9 stub nib, Pelikan R215 rollerball
  78. Pelikan M800 Nib Broad
  79. SOLD Waterman 54 Red Ripple Fp+Pencil Set
  80. Montblanc UNICEF Blue & Montblanc JFK Inks
  81. SOLD Franklin Christoph Pocket 20
  82. TWSBI VAC 700 old style
  83. FS: Waterman Concorde (Brown, 18k M Nib, 1970s)
  84. New Visconti Divina Black and Sterling Silver, Midi Size, with 14K gold fine nib
  85. SOLD Pelikan M800 Blue Lizard Celluloid BB
  86. SOLD Stipula Etruria
  87. SOLD Aurora Optima Primavera LE Barrel+Cap
  88. SOLD Vintage Matador Express 811
  89. SOLD TRADE: Aurora Optima Red Demo for MontBlanc
  90. SOLD Nakaya with Amazing Music Nib
  91. Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age Oversized w/Medium Nib
  92. SOLD FS: Soennecken 116 (Vintage, 40s, 14k Ef, flex)
  93. SOLD Sunderland MK1 in Orange and in Black; Karas Kustoms Bolt G2 in Turquoise
  94. SOLD FS: Sailor 1911L Blackout, 21k H-M
  95. SOLD rOtring 600 BB + M
  96. SOLD Spring Cleaning (Pens and Nibs)
  97. SOLD Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Lot
  98. SOLD Montblanc 144 G BB - Serviced By Fountainbel
  99. SOLD Montblanc Limited Edition Inks
  100. Tropen Constructer with 0,5mm tip
  101. SOLD Soennecken 507
  102. SOLD Platinum 3776 Century Nice Pur
  103. SOLD Nakaya in Toki Tamenuri
  104. Omas Milord Arco
  105. SOLD Aurora Optima Demo - Limited Edition
  106. SOLD Pelikan M400 Brown Tortoise (2016 edition) 14k Fine Nib
  107. SOLD Karas Kustoms Fountain K - Pink/Brass and Render K - Blue/Silver
  108. SOLD A Tray of Pens for Sale to Further Reduce my Collection
  109. SOLD FS: Inks (Akkerman, Sailor, R&K, Diamine, RO, Faber-Castell)
  110. Pelikan R215 blue stripe, rollerball
  111. SOLD Sailor Precious Wood Collection
  112. SOLD Waterman 52V Black Chased Hard Rubber
  113. SOLD For sale Platinum 3776 Chartres Blue
  114. SOLD Lamy Petrol Safari M Nib; Charcoal Lamy Safari M Nib; Lamy Vista EF Nib
  115. Montablanc INK OF JOY
  116. SOLD Nakaya – Brand New – Only $495
  117. SOLD Aurora Monviso – Factory Stub!
  118. SOLD Nakaya Cigar Portable Shiro-tamenuri w/14k Gold Broad Mottishaw Stub Nib
  119. SOLD Pens for sale
  120. FSOT: Omas, Aurora, Sheaffer, etc...a little for everyone.
  121. Faber Castell Rhombus Ambition medium
  122. SOLD WTS TWSBI Diamond 580 Medium Nib
  123. SOLD User grade Lamy Dialog 3 with professionally tuned medium nib
  124. Ranga ebonite pen with semi flex vintage steel broad CI nib
  125. FSOT: Two Parker IMs
  126. SOLD WANTED: Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Clear (M or B)
  127. Gooddwriters Pen Sales
  128. SOLD 2 Vintage Parkers FS: Duofold Jr. (Lapis Blue) – Vacumatic Jr. (Grey Marble)
  129. SOLD Pelikan 400 - Brown Tortoise 14K OB Nib
  130. WTS Montblac 147 Legrand Traveller duotone medium 14k
  131. SOLD Three different new Visconti Divinas for sale
  132. SOLD Omas Arco Verde Vintage Paragon
  133. Montblanc Inks for Sale
  134. WTB Classic Pens LB5
  135. Various Fountain Pens For Sale
  136. SOLD OMAS Ogiva Cocktail and Franklin-Christophs
  137. FS: Sailor, Pelikan, Edison, Waterman, Eboya
  138. SOLD Pelikan 101n
  139. SOLD Ti2 Techliner in Copper
  140. SOLD Lot of 2 Limited Edition Inks: Carlo Collodi and Jonathan Swift
  141. Pelikan M101N Lizard
  142. SOLD Eboya Houga Kogetsu Yellow Small Size w/14k medium Mottishaw Stub Nib
  143. SOLD FS: Aurora Opima Demo, Faggionato Pétrarque (x 2)
  144. SOLD FS: Pelikan M1000 (Green Stripe, 18C EF Nib)
  145. SOLD FS: Lamy Petrol 50ml Bottles
  146. SOLD Pilot Custom 823 in black with medium nib
  147. Taccia Pinnacle FPs- Save over 20% Off!
  148. SOLD FS: Sheaffer Touchdown fillers
  149. SOLD WTS Karas Kustoms, Lamy, and Nibs
  150. SOLD Aurora Primavera – PRICE REDUCED!
  151. Rollerball Machined Pens for Sale
  152. SOLD Aurora 75th Anniversary with Oblique Nib!
  153. SOLD Montegrappa Mule Copper (F)
  154. SOLD Vintage Kaweco Sport piston fill
  155. SOLD Wahl Eversharp 5th Avenue 1/10 14kt y.g.f. cap
  156. Introducing Pen Agora
  157. Visconti Rembrandt Special Ops Medium Nib
  158. SOLD Nakaya Piccolo Cigar Heki-Tamenuri w/14k Gold Broad Nib
  159. Ti2 Techliner Black Betty Shorty
  160. SOLD Handmade Andromeda By Eric Sands (Atelier Lusso)
  161. SOLD For Sale: Sailor King of Pen
  162. SOLD FS: Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age Midi
  163. SOLD Platinum Century 3776 w/C nib (double broad)
  164. SOLD Montblanc 144 OBB - Serviced By Fountainbel
  165. Sailor 1911 Black Luster Mint Condition
  166. SOLD Vintage Soennecken 103, flexible nib
  167. SOLD KarasKustoms EDK Rickshaw Limited Ed. Gray/Red
  168. Retro Grand, Falcon, & Charleston
  169. SOLD Franklin-Christoph 20 in black with clip and Masuyama Fine Cursive Italic Nib
  170. Save 50% Conklin Heritage FPs- Federalist Pens!
  171. WTB: Wishing to purchase an Edison Extended Mina
  172. SOLD FS: Cheap Pelikan ink
  173. SOLD Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age maxi, fine 23K Pd nib
  174. SOLD FS: ASA Nauka Broad JoWo nib with converter
  175. SOLD FS: Bexley Poseidon Magnum II
  176. SOLD Levenger True Writer and Aero-D carbon
  177. Aurora Optima Burgundy MINT CONDITION 350 USD FIRM
  178. SOLD The Conklin Legacy (Book)
  179. SOLD FS: Parker 75 Vendome Prince de Galles Ballpoint Pen (Gold, Crosshatch, Mint)
  180. SOLD Franklin Christoph Model 20
  181. [WTS] WANCHER CRYSTAL Blue/Sapphire Demostrator Fountain Pen [New]
  182. SOLD N.I.B. Lamy 2000 fountain pen - F nib
  183. SOLD N.I.B. Lamy Safari Al-Star (Graphite) + Safari (Black), both F nibs
  184. SOLD N.I.B. Platinum 3776 Balance in Wine Red - F nib
  185. N.I.B. Pelikan Tradition M150 Black w/ Fine nib
  186. F.S.: Montblanc Hemingway
  187. SOLD FS: OMAS Milord HT (18K Medium, Piston Filler)
  188. SOLD Franklin-Christoph 45 Ghost w/ Steel Masuyama Medium Cursive Italic Nib
  189. SOLD Herbert Pen Co. Octagonal Poe in CS Pistachio // NEVER INKED
  190. SOLD Pilot Vanishing Point
  191. SOLD Mont Blanc 164
  192. SOLD vintage Montblanc Meisterstück #14 from 1960's
  193. The PENguin Summer News!
  194. SOLD WANTED: Kaweco Supra (Maybe a Stainless Liliput) with EF Nib
  195. danish coral red Montblanc 216
  196. SOLD WTS: Parker 51 Vacuumatic (Restored)
  197. Zebra sharbo multipen
  198. SOLD Parker 51 Aerometric with Blue Body
  199. SOLD FS: Montegrappa Ducale Black and Palladium
  200. SOLD FS: Visconti Homo Sapiens Florentine Hills FP - Stub!!!
  201. FS: Nakaya, Rotring & Parker
  202. SOLD WTS/WTT Parker 45 NOS Fountain Pen Olive with Stainless Steel Cap
  203. SOLD Retro 51 Slim Tornado Apple Logo Edition - Space Gray
  204. SOLD Sailor ProColor 500 "Sparkle" - Fine Nib
  205. TWSBI NIB
  206. SOLD Platinum 3776 Chartres Blue w/XF nib
  207. SOLD Retiring from the sport - pens, inks, etc. for sale
  208. SOLD Pelikan M101N Tortoiseshell Red w/ 14k Medium Mottishaw Stub Nib
  209. Montblanc and Sailor Inks
  210. NOS Jasper Red Parker Duofold - broken cap
  211. MB 146 For Sale
  212. Pelican P590 Celebry Sapphire Blue
  213. SOLD Asa Galactic & Purple Ranga
  214. SOLD Franklin-Christoph 19 in Black & Smoke Clipless w/steel Masuyama Medium Cursive Itali
  215. SOLD Lamy Dialog 3
  216. SOLD WTB Montblanc Johannes Brahams
  217. SOLD zchen's TWSBI sell off: VAC 700 demo and Sapphire, Diamond 580x2, nib units, bottles
  218. Rollerballs for sale- Visconti HS silver, Lamy, Namisu
  219. SOLD FS: Pelikan M805 Stresemann (18C M Masuyama Stub Nib)
  220. Aurora Optima Burgundy 350 USD
  221. SOLD FS: Waterman Carene - Black Sea/ST - EF (Nib needs adjustment)
  222. Visconti Blue Ripple Used
  223. SOLD Retiring from the sport - Round 2- Montblanc, Franklin-Christoph, and ink lots
  224. [WTS][NEW] Clouds and Sky Custom Pen Pouch Collection.
  225. SOLD FS: Pelikan The Brand by Detmar Schafer (Hardcover Book, Mint)
  226. WTS: 50's Pelikan 400NN set of two (ef, om)
  227. SOLD BHR Harris "cone cap" semiflex EF
  228. SOLD Nakaya Portable Cigar in Kuro Tamenuri w/14k Medium Nib
  229. Gooddwriters Pen Sales
  230. SOLD Omas OMas OMAs OMAS rare Arco Verde Ogiva with extra flessible nib
  231. SOLD FS: Sheaffer Balance II Amber Glow FP stub 18k nib
  232. Sale on Lamy Lx FPs- Save 30% Off!
  233. SOLD FS: Platinum Starter pens
  234. SOLD Omas Modern Paragon Bronze Arco Silver Trim
  235. Scribe Fountain Pen Nib Wine Pourer (new in box)
  236. SOLD Faber-Castell Ambition (black) F-nib
  237. Brand New Schneider Vintage Scribant set (FP and BP)
  238. HisNibs.com update -- 20th Anniversary sale
  239. SOLD Sheaffer Balance gorgeous Jade FP & MP set. Flex F nib
  240. SOLD TWSBI Diamond / AL Pendleton Butterline Stub Broad
  241. SOLD Franklin-Christoph Pocket 20 Vintage Green -Mont
  242. Waterman Perspective - Blue. Mint Condotion
  243. SOLD WTS: Vintage Aurora Duo-Cart With Fine 14K Semi Flex Nib
  244. SOLD FS: Sheaffer Triumph Marine Green (Vintage, 14k F Nib, Vac Filler)
  245. WANTED: Kaweco Sport Cognac
  246. SOLD WTS: Visctoni Dreamtouch 2 Pen Leather Case in Like New Condition
  247. SOLD Franklin Christoph 19 With 18k Stub
  248. SOLD FS: Reform 1745 piston-filler. New with sticker.
  249. Fs: Pelikan M800 Green Old Style
  250. SOLD Fs: Pilot Hiramaki-E Seigaiha And Lady White Maple Leaves