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  1. SOLD Sailor Pro Gear Slim Sky with 14k Medium-Fine Nib
  2. SOLD Pelikan M620 Piazza Navona
  3. SOLD Edison Herald with 18K Gold Nib
  4. SOLD Conway Stewart Churchill Amethyst with IB Nib
  5. SOLD Platinum #3776 Bourgogne <B>
  6. Ratnamson 32 - Brown Indian Ebonite Eyedropper [B]
  7. Cross - Townsend Silver/Gold Body - Gold Plated F nib [New]
  8. Parker 75 Black - 18K Fine Nib [C quality]
  9. SOLD WTS: 2 Lamys and a brass Fisher Space Pen as a lot
  10. FS: (Collection cleanup sale!) OMAS Black/Gold Paragon B nib - NOS
  11. FS: (Collection cleanup sale!) OMAS Paragon Blue Royale (F)Nib+20cm Blue Royale blank
  12. FS: (Collection cleanup sale!) OMAS Arte Italiana Blue Vision
  13. SOLD 3 Iconic Vintage Pens: OS Balance (Blk/Pearl) | OS Balance Autograph | Conklin Lizard
  14. SOLD Pelikan M800 Black Old Style, B nib
  15. SOLD FS: Vac Maxima | Parker D.Q. (flex) | Gold Touchdown (stickered) | Balance Set (stub)
  16. SOLD Nakaya Decapod Cigar Aka-Tamenuri 14K Broad Cursive Italic Nib (Mottishaw)
  17. NOIRE by LR Fountain pen on indiegogo
  18. SOLD Parker Duofold Centennial Pearl & Black
  19. SOLD Aurora Optima – Beautiful Blue
  20. FS: Pelikan M805 streseman, demonstrator and M800
  21. FS FC
  22. FS: (Collection cleanup sale!) Platinum President - M nib
  23. SOLD FS: Sailor 1911L Endangered Species - Giant Panda LE
  24. Omas Display Box
  25. SOLD FS: Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age Midi (Medium Nib)
  26. SOLD FS: Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic (F nib, Emerald, Discontinued Color)
  27. FS: Faber-Castell E-Motion Pure Black (Medium Nib)
  28. FS: Franklin-Christoph (Store Exclusive) Model 20 Translucent Bronze (Music Nib)
  29. FS: Diplomat Excellence A Skyline (Medium Nib)
  30. SOLD FS: Sailor 1911S Color Blue (Fine Nib)
  31. SOLD FS: Pilot 78G Red/Visconti Opera Element Fire Red Rollerball/Lamy Scribble 3.15
  32. FS: Graf von Faber-Castell Tamitio Rosé (Fine Nib)
  33. FS: Montegrappa Fortuna Mosaico Marrakech (Medium Nib)
  34. SOLD FS: Pelikan Classic M205 White-Silver (EF or M Nib)
  35. SOLD WTS: Conklin Duragraph Forest Green Fountain Pen M Nib
  36. SOLD FS: Winsor&Mason dip pen, tipped gold nib
  37. Two Namiki Faceted Vanishing Point - Burgundy 14k M Nib
  38. WTS Edison Glenmont pump filler in tibaldi imperio celluloid
  39. SOLD Ink for sale
  40. SOLD FS: Graf von Faber-Castell Tamitio (Marsala, M Nib)
  41. SOLD WTS: Karas Kustoms Decograph 1702 Elektron F Nib (#011 of 60 Produced) - New, unused
  42. SOLD Sailor 1911 Large with Vintage Music nib
  43. SOLD FS: Yard-O-Led Retro Ballpoint Pen (Barley Black & Sterling Silver, 2003)
  44. SOLD NIB Montblanc Boheme Bleu Midsize with fixed fine nib
  45. WTB: MB146 with plastic threads
  46. Platinum, Lamy, Aurora, and Pilot
  48. FS MONTBLANC 244g
  50. FS: Cross Townsend Gold Filled (10K) Fountain Pen - 14K Fine Nib
  51. SOLD NIB Montblanc StarWalker Platinum Resin fine nib
  52. TWSBI VAC MINI (redesigned)
  53. SOLD FS: Montblanc service/warranty booklets for 149 and Classique. Outer boxes.
  54. SOLD Ranga PSP Zayante - Red ripple ebonite
  55. SOLD TWSBI Classic SE Turquoise w/ 1.1 Stub Nib
  56. SOLD Kaweco Skyline Sport Mint w/ Steel Borad Cursive Italic Nib (Mark Bacas)
  57. FS: Pen Pouches - Montblanc & Graf von Faber-Castell
  58. SOLD pelikan 400nn tortoise.
  59. SOLD Franklin Christoph 66 in Solid Emerald with Masuyama Medium Cursive Italic Steel Nib
  60. SOLD WTS: Delta Markiaro Leather Case (12 pen)
  61. SOLD WTS: Montblanc 342
  62. SOLD Danish Montblanc 212 coral red fountain pen.
  63. SOLD FS: Pelikan M200 Grey Marbled (M Nib, 1988)
  64. For Sale: two Sailor King of Pen
  65. FS: Various Lamy Safaris & AL-Stars in hard-to-find colours
  66. SOLD FS: Namiki Faceted VP, Visconti Van Gogh, ST Dupont Fidelio
  67. Delta Pompeii Celluloid Piston Filler LE
  68. SOLD Montblanc 149 Obb-Obbb (1960-1972 Era)
  69. SOLD Celluloid Montblanc 146-G 0.8 mm Stub
  70. SOLD WTS: Bayard FPs
  71. SOLD FS: Edison Menlo pump-filler 18k B Richard Binder cursive italic
  72. Aurora Optima Demonstrator LE's - 2 to Choose
  73. SOLD WTS- Montblanc 149 Meisterstuck Platinum Trim Medium Nib
  74. SOLD FS: BHR Pens with Flexible Nibs: Waterman #12 | Conklin #26 | Conklin Crescent 2NL
  76. SOLD WTS Aurora Optima Monviso 18kt Factory Stub Nib + free TWSBI Vac 700
  77. SOLD FS: Sailor 1911 Large (Fresca Blue, 21k B Nib)
  78. FS: Parker Duofold International, MK I
  79. [WTS] Aurora Optima Emerald
  80. WTB - Montblanc 146
  81. FS Pilot VP, Matte Blue, F
  82. SOLD Inks + Gillio Giramundo
  83. SOLD Montblanc Rouge et Noir Coral Ballpoint Pen
  84. SOLD WTS Satchel & Page Field Notes Wallet
  85. SOLD Franklin Christoph Antique Glass
  86. SOLD Sheaffer Imperial Pencil
  87. SOLD Two Parker 45's For Sale
  88. Clearing out a few pens
  89. SOLD TWSBI Classic (EF) & Nemosine Singularity (F)
  90. SOLD TWSBI ECO Turquoise with Extra Fine Nib
  91. SOLD Pen Sale!!...Grad school is expensive
  92. SOLD WTS: Bexley 2015 Owners Club Key Lime M Stainless Nib (#45 of 58 produced)
  93. SOLD Sheaffer Imperial Sterling Silver - 14k Nib
  94. SOLD Wahl Red Ripple Desk Pen Super-Flex Nib
  95. SOLD Lamy Al-Star Pacific and Lamy Blue Safari
  96. SOLD Delta Unica - Blue Swirl, Choose your Nib
  97. SOLD WTS: Montblanc 264 (USA)
  98. SOLD FS: Visconti Homosapiens Florentine Hills 1.3 Stub
  99. WTB: Montblanc 149
  100. SOLD Kaweco Lilliput Fireblue with fine nib
  101. SOLD FS: Platinum 3776 Tortoise Shell Celluloid (14k M Nib)
  102. SOLD Pelikan M805 Blue Stripe, B nib
  103. SOLD Pilot VP nib Unit
  104. SOLD FS: Platinum Pocket Pen
  105. SOLD Nock Co Cases
  106. Midori Travelers Notebook Cover Full Size
  107. [WTS] Visconti divina elegance
  108. SOLD Unique Commissioned Sailor Pro Gear Maki-e & Raden fountain pen
  109. SOLD Two Parker 51 Specials for $80
  110. Tray of sterling silver pens
  111. SOLD Omas 360 Cranberry
  112. SOLD Pelikan M800 and M805
  113. For sale: Montblanc Starwalker Doué set (fineliner + fountain pen)
  114. Iroshizuku and J Herbin Ink Lot
  115. SOLD Ink Lot: MB JFK, MB Shakespeare, Edelstein Smoky Quartz
  116. SOLD Lamy Platinum Conklin
  117. SOLD Montblanc 146 - Broad Nib
  118. Several pens, Deltas, Lamy, Pilot, noodlers and a bunch of student pens
  119. SOLD ST Dupont Line D Diamond Head PALLADIUM FOUNTAIN PEN
  120. SOLD FS: Montblanc Racing Green ink cartridges
  121. SOLD FS: Visconti ink traveller and pen cases
  123. SOLD For Sale Mont Blanc 149 Broad Nib Slight Flex $375 OBO
  124. SOLD Edison Beaumont Sapphire Flake - 2 nibs including Masuyama BCI
  125. SOLD Pelikan M100 with F nib + extra nib
  126. Visconti dreamtouch 23k nib in BB ground to cursive italic
  127. Rotring 600 Medium - Tuned by Dan Smith
  128. SOLD Sale! Make yourself happy with Xmas! All pens in this lot us$10,-- !
  129. SOLD M400 white and brown tortoise, Pelikan and Visconti cases, MB Shakespeare velvet red
  130. SOLD Visconti Skeleton and Opera Master
  131. Pilot VP PINK (C), [F], Pilot Falcon (B) [SB], Kaweco Alsport AC (B) [F], TWSBI Eco
  132. SOLD FS: Montblanc Bohem in Sterling Silver, 18k B+ stub, blue sapphire
  133. SOLD FS: VENUS rose striated fountain pen with Venus 14k flex nib
  134. SOLD FS: Quill Platignum BBBB nib fountain pen
  135. SOLD FS: Morrison's Tourist fountain pen 14k nib
  136. Vintage FP's ( Kaweco, Sheaffer, Stylomine, Faber castell, MB, etc) for sale
  137. SOLD WTS: Vintage Aurora Duocart Junior - semiflex nib- includes 4 vintage cartridges
  140. Lamy and Monteverdes
  141. SOLD Nakaya Neo Standard in Kikyo
  142. SOLD Sheaffer Feather Touch #5 14kt Blowout
  143. SOLD Sheaffer PFM - Green Color PdAg Nib
  144. SOLD Two Parker 51's - Sterling Silver + Gold Caps
  145. Mother of All Christmas Sales! Conklin, Edison, Parker, Waterman, Pilot, & more!!
  146. FS: MB Writers Edition Dostoevsky FP
  147. Aurora 14K Large Nib And Feed (Fine)
  148. SOLD Columbus Extra 140 FP - Semi-Flexible Hooded Nib
  149. SOLD Pelikan 140 with 14kt Medium nib, Working
  150. SOLD Parker 51 Black Aerometric, Gold nib, smooth writer
  151. SOLD Sailor 1911 Large Matte Finish with 21K Naginata Togi
  152. SOLD Sailor Magella Tortoise with H-MF
  153. FS: Visconti Van Gogh Tortoise Midi RB (Old Style)
  154. SOLD Parker Duofold Toothbrush Pencil and Fountain Pen Set WOW!
  155. SOLD FS: Visconti Homo Sapiens Dark Ages EF
  156. Sheaffer Black Pearl 18K M
  157. SOLD Vintage Montblanc Masterpiece 146 Celluloid with ski slope feed C. 1951
  159. SOLD Waterman 12 - Red Ebonite Super Flex Nib
  160. SOLD Parker 51 Demi Vacumatic 1947 Dove Gray
  161. SOLD Visconti Homo Sapeins Rollerball and Lamy 2000 Ballpoint
  162. Targa 1000 in Chrome Nice Shape Calligraphy BB Nib
  163. SOLD Wahl Gold-Filled Ringtop - 14k Flexible Nib
  164. SOLD Waterman 0352 1/2V - Super Flexible Nib
  165. A few nice pens...
  166. SOLD Nice pens looking for a new home
  167. SOLD FS: Ink cartridges of all sorts
  168. SOLD Pilot Namiki Capless Green - 14k Medium Nib
  169. SOLD Sheaffer Imperial I Touchdown Broad $60
  170. SOLD Franklin-Christoph 02 Antique Glass w/ steel Medium cursive italic nib (Masuyama)
  171. SOLD Selling: Vintage Tortoise Pelikan 400
  172. SOLD WTS: Karas Kustoms EDK Olive and Copper Rollerball/Ballpoint Pen
  173. SOLD Waterman 52 - Full Flex Nib
  174. SOLD Waterman 0752 - 14k Flex Nib
  175. SOLD Twsbi 580al Red - Broad Nib
  176. SOLD Edison Glenmont Cumberland Ebonite - 14K 1.1mm Stub
  177. SOLD Three Pencils - Sheaffer Wahl Waterman
  178. Sheaffer PFM 1 - Blue FS/FT
  179. SOLD Ink for Sale
  180. SOLD FS: Pilot VP and Parker Vacumatic
  181. Pens for Sale
  182. Lamy Persona fountain pen 18K gold never used with box docs refill
  183. SOLD 1950's celluloid 'ROMECO' celluloid piston filler. Never used. Perfect condition.
  184. SOLD 1960's SENATOR "Windsor" fountain pen. N.O.S. Perfect condition.
  185. SOLD Pelikan M60 Rolled Gold
  186. SOLD WTS- Sailor Imperial Black Pro Gear with Fine Nib *MINT CONDITION*
  187. SOLD FS: Pilot Volex (Matte Black, M Nib, Stickered, July 1975)
  188. SOLD FS: Omas Bibliotheque Nationale 1994
  189. SOLD Edison Herald in Amber Tortoise 18k EF nib
  190. SOLD Manufactus “Laccio” Refillable Leather Journal Size A5
  191. SOLD Sailor Profit With Naginata Togi Nib (Matte Black)
  192. Pen Boot from the NibSmith
  193. SOLD Montblanc JFK Navy Blue Ink
  194. Selling a Pelikan M405, Blue, Medium Nib, Excellent Condition
  195. SOLD FS: Kaweco Fireblue Liliput <m>
  196. SOLD Montblanc Blue Hour Twilight Blue Ink
  197. FS: Rotring 600 FP Silver $225
  198. WTB: Pilot Con-W Converter
  199. SOLD FS: Parson's Essential and Pilot Falcon
  200. SOLD Pilot Iroshizuku Sets of three 15ml bottles of Ink
  201. SOLD Ink Lot
  202. SOLD FS: Visconti Ripple Black Limited Edition Fountain Pen Broad Nib
  203. SOLD FS: Pelikan M400 14k M Nib Unit
  206. SOLD Ateleia Brass Pen + Sleeve
  207. Esterbrook Charles Schulz and modern E.brook
  208. Shawn newton pen for sale.
  209. SOLD Bexley Poseidon - Rare Tortoise Material
  210. SOLD Tom Bihn Pilot (Navy / Ultraviolet) - $125 OBO
  211. Pair of Vintage Gold Nibs
  212. SOLD Edison Beaumont Pneumatic
  213. SOLD FS: Sailor 1911 Large Demonstrator (Rhodium, Naginata Togi Mf Nib)
  214. SOLD Bexley Bonanza – PRICE REDUCED!
  215. SOLD WTS: Karas Kustoms Decograph
  216. SOLD Fountain Pen Sale! Sailor, Franklin-Christoph, Caran d'Ache, Woodshed Pen Co
  217. SOLD FS: Pelikan M200 SE Smoky Quartz (Brown demonstrator, No Nib)
  218. Pelikan M805 Vibrant Blue, Platinum 3776, Pilot Custom 91, Pelikan M605 & M205
  219. SOLD Selling: Vintage Pelikan 400 (OM)
  220. SOLD Selling: Vintage Pelikan 140 (OF)
  221. SOLD FS: Montblanc 144 Bordeaux Fountain Pen
  222. SOLD Waterman L'Etalon Green Lacquer 18K Fine Original Box
  223. SOLD Omas Ogive Green ARCO
  224. SOLD Pelikan m750 jubilee
  225. SOLD Pelikan MK10
  226. SOLD Parker 51
  227. SOLD Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen and Mechanical Pencil Set
  228. SOLD Wahl Pen Rosewood
  229. Pelikan M205 Yellow Demo, F nib.
  230. SOLD Mabie Todd Swan 3160
  231. SOLD 3 Flex Pens - Swan, Waterman #12, Eversharp Doric Burma
  232. SOLD 11 Pen Case for sale or trade
  233. SOLD Aurora Optima Monviso LE Stub
  234. SOLD Opera Master Demonstrator
  235. SOLD FS: Pelikan M400 14k F Nib Unit
  236. SOLD FS:Yard-o-Led Viceroy Grand (Sterling Silver, Barley, 18k M Nib, Millennium Hallmark)
  237. Nakaya Dorsal Fin 2 Heki-Tamenuri ishime w/ M Nib
  238. Pelikan M805 Vibrant Blue & M205 Black
  239. SOLD FS: Field Notes Notebooks
  242. FS: Several Omas Pens
  243. SOLD Pelikan M800 M nib
  244. SOLD Sens Pen Rollerball from VergeStyle
  245. SOLD Lamy nibs (EF and 1.1mm)
  246. SOLD 3 FS - Wahl Red Ripple, Namiki Faceted, Wahl Oxford
  247. Tactile Turn Gist - BLACK POLYCARBONATE - w/ M steel nib $70
  248. Levenger True Writer - SEA Glass - M Steel nib - $65
  249. Pelikan Pelikan - old style - M nib in Black/Grey
  250. Lamy Petrol Limited Edition - M nib with convertor - $25