View Full Version : Yet Another Skyline, Resulting In A Little Inky Nib Porn.

January 11th, 2015, 03:13 AM
I'm at three gold-filled skylines now. Just picked up another brown one that I got mainly for the nib, but overall it's in nicer condition than the previous brown one I have. I haven't restored the new brown one (needs some cleaning, little light polishing, new sac, section sealant on the section [which comes right out of the barrel easy] and gold overlay, and probably a new breather tube).

*But* I did go ahead and clean up the nib, got it aligned, and put it onto my Black Gold-Filled Skyline (the 14K Firm Extra-Fine~Fine will go on the newest brown one once I get it restored).

The pen was described as (with what caught my attention underline) :

Vintage Eversharp SKYLINE Fountain Pen-14K Nib-Brown in color. Cap has a minor ding. Cap is 1/10th 14K Y G R. Nib is straight and smooth, reads Eversharp, 14K. Writes Medium and has some serious flex. Barrel is nice just some minor drawer wear. Bladder is soft and it does fill. May need to add a little silicone to hold barrel to feed, its not loose, it is snug. Thanks for viewing..

Well it's not a medium, nor is it 'serious flex', but it is a pleasant soft extra-fine (western) that seems to easily spread up to around a western medium to broad without really having to press. I just had to do a couple rubs on micro-mesh to get it going with a very light hand.

The initial testing and write sample was done with Noodler's Blue Steel (shown at bottom), but that was a little too wet for the nib, so I decided to switch over to R&K Salix which hasn't failed me yet whenever I need something that follows well in a wetter or flex nib and tends not to bleed/feather on most papers I use even with the wetter output.

So, a little nib porn with the Salix:


The Write Sample with Salix on some Rhodia No.12 @ 300DPI (3.3x4.7in or 8.5x12cm pad) (though saying EF~B may be pushing it since I'd have to consciously give a little more for B in my opinion).


And the initial quick test/sample with Blue Steel @ 300DPI, same size Rhodia Pad.


Probably going to carry around the Skyline more often now with this nib, with the firm EF I didn't have much of a reason to other than the body comfort, but scoring this nib seems to be much easier or least more satisfying to write with.

January 13th, 2015, 04:31 PM
I believe that Eversharp had some magic spell they cast over their nibs. I have a dozen or more Skyline/5th Ave/Symphony/Ventura and only the Ventura has a mediocre nib...and that was the last pen they made.

Note: that's not an extravagant accumulation. Five years ago nobody was interested in Skylines. They sold for $20 - $30 unrestored, even for the versions with a gold-filled cap. They are simple to work on, although fragile (I shattered one just from working it with Sunshine Cloth). Ron Zorn gave the all-important tip about the filling systems: "Have you ever seen a lever filler without the breather tube? Like an Estie?" Then I quit worrying. If the pen arrived with a breather tube, I used it. If not, no big deal.