View Full Version : Omas 360 Mezzo Silver/Black and Full size Gold/Black Rollerballs- MINT

August 8th, 2012, 01:12 AM
Hi there, selling 2 BRAND NEW rollerballs in this thread. Need to sell them to clear space in my pen cupboard. Pens were bought a few years back but never used. You will need to get new rollerball refills

1. Omas 360 RB in Mezzo Silver /Black for US$160

2. Omas 360 RB in Full size Gold trim/Black for US$200

Here's a comparison of their sizes relative to each other

All prices include international shipping of PEN only. If you need the box (and its a little heavy), pls add approx $10 to final price. It might be less but I need to check with the post office and get back to you

Please email ychung77@yahoo.com if interested. I take paypal. Thanks for your time