View Full Version : My 2nd Pelikan, M640 Mount Everest w/ 18C Medium

February 15th, 2015, 04:43 PM
So finally got a second Pelikan after I've had the M250 w/ 14K Medium (and Steel 1.0) for a little while now especially since I was quite impressed with the M250 just being a decent design overall and being comfortable in hand as well as posting securely. Saw this beauty being sold here and after a good while of debating it with myself over and over I decided to bite on it. Figured that the M640 even with the metal exterior and slightly larger size wouldn't be past my weight threshold (which the M800 probably would be for me) and that the nib had already been tuned by Masuyama so wouldn't have to worry about that.

It is not one of the larger pens I've used, but has a decent thickness to it that's not too thick for me, and the 'bulge' on the body seems to work well in the cusp of my hand, kind of anchoring itself into position. Piston mechanism was quite smooth as mentioned, and like my M250 it's pretty easy to flush out with unscrewing the nib unit if I need to (which was the first thing I did after getting a snap shot of it). While it can post I feel like it's a little more comfortable to use unposted (where as my M250, I'm always posting it). Clip is very easy to use, not too tight, not exactly loose either.

While the grey plastic doesn't seem to be everyone's cup of tea, I don't mind it. Something contemporary about the color scheme for the cap/endcap/section yet not just black. Needless to say both the barrel and the nib are an attractive chrome/silver/gold color combination that initially seem like a single layer of maki-e but then seems like it's almost soldered on in layers with some laser etching. Quite attractive and oddly for me doesn't come off quit gaudy. I also like the fact that if I so wish I can use the upcoming 1xx, 4xx/M4xx, M2xx nibs in the M6xx (just not the other way around mostly without reseating the nib deeper for a specific pen). So will likely keep the 18C Medium as is since it seems to be tuned up nicely (was debating with myself about having it ground to a 0.4 or 0.5 cursive italic, but will likely have that done to the M250's 14K Medium since that could use a tip shape change, and have wanted a smaller cursive italic for a while.

Am a little curious though, did they not update to the 1-chick design for the nib as well (as I understood it sometimes after '96 went to 1-chick instead of 2)? or are they just using it on the cap? As I have 2-chick on the nib, and 1-chick on the cap.

Anywho, probably the most attractive thing about the pen, taking pictures of the barrel and nib, and messing with the lighting to get a different view of the texture under the smooth clear coat.

The quick snapshot I took of it when I first got it. Quite the large original box in a matching grey color. Ilya was very diligent to pack both the pen, box and bottle of oxblood into a large well padded package. I had actually gotten a camera back from repair with Olympus, which they didn't correctly repair what I sent it in for, so was rather infuriated about that. However opening up the package Ilya sent and getting hold the pen really improved my mood drastically in the same day, was like any other BS that happened that day was 'meh whatever'.










February 21st, 2015, 01:17 PM
Fantastic photos! Congrats.

Tony Rex
February 24th, 2015, 03:15 AM
Fantastic photos! Congrats.

Agreed. Worth a few thousand words.