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April 21st, 2015, 06:28 PM

April 21st, 2015, 07:46 PM
Such beautiful script. I'm trying to decipher the words. It looks like a pen business in Hagerstown, MA bought 12 stylo pens at $1.50 each, and got a 40% trade discount on them? Oh man, I wonder where those pens are now. You don't see many stylos for sale these days.

Oh, and nice BHR pen, too ;)

April 22nd, 2015, 03:33 AM
My turn (rubs hands)

This is a receipt for Milton Kohler & Sons of Hagerstown, Maryland, for 6 Cygnet stylo and 6 Long short stylo <something> red. Both groups of pens are $1.50 per unit and total $9.00. Grand total is $18.00, with a 40% discount of $7.20 bringing the price down to $10.80.

I cannot read the signature bottom left.

A little famous by the looks of it. This next from the Western Maryland Historical Library:

MILTON KOHLER & SONS, Practical watch-makers, jewelers, and opticians, No. 19 West Washington Street. Doubtless there is no citizen of Hagerstown or visitor to the City who has not from time to time been sufficiently attracted to pause at 19 West Washington Street and look upon the exquisite window displays, for there is something rich and attractive always to be seen in jewelry, or the daintiest bric-a-brac. The great business of Milton Kohler & Sons was established in 1875, in Ohio, and moved to Hagerstown in 1880. The wonderful success of this house reflects the highest compliments upon the sound business judgment and ability of its owners. This is, indeed, a very handsome store, and is regarded as one of the commercial show places of Hagerstown. This store affords gift seekers such an infinite variety of suitable and acceptable articles that one would be most fastidious indeed, who could not find just the correct thing.

In the 1930 US census good old Milton (who was born in Pennsylvania) then 77 years of age, was listed as living with his wife Mary A. Kohler (76, born Pennsylvania), daughter M Ethel Kohler (51, born Ohio) and two sons, Milton L. Kohler (49, born Ohio) and Harry B. Kohler (38, born Maryland).

EDIT: Although Mabie Todd Co. is listed at 17 Maiden Lane, New York, the history of who exactly was partnering whom is confusing!

According to the American Silversmiths, John Mabie partnered (in chronological order)

John H.Rauch (1843 - 1849)
John H. Knapp & Johnson (1851 - 1855)
John McGovern (1855 - 1856)
William H. Smith & Edward Todd (1856 - 1860)
Edward Todd (1860 - 1868)
John McGovern - again - with Henry Hobart Todd and Jonathan Sprague Bard (1868 - 1871)
Henry Hobart Todd and Jonatha Sprague Bard (1871 - 1873)


Why he had such a carousel of partners escapes me. Perhaps someone with better contacts can provide a clue.

April 22nd, 2015, 03:45 AM
Excellent research Cryptos, and the quote is full of period charm.

I actually have a Longshort stylo, but the cap is no good having been cut down. I haven't tried very hard to make it work I'm afraid!


April 22nd, 2015, 03:56 AM
I had fun tracking this down over the last half hour!