View Full Version : Pristine 12 String Bestler 12 String Acoustic Electric Dreadnought Guitar

April 17th, 2010, 04:05 PM
Heavy picture warning. If you have dialup, you probably don't want to open this.

I have a pristine Bestler DRW 9953 EQ/N, acoustic-electric dreadnought, which I have played for less than 3 hours since I got it. I have six other guitars, and need the cash more than the guitar. It comes with a crush-proof case, and several spare sets of strings. It plays and sounds great. I am asking $325, plus shipping, which I estimate to be $30.00. If it comes in under that, I will refund the difference.

Paypal and shipping is the only option for those outside the DFW area. If you are local, and want to come by and play it, and can take it with you, cash would work, and shipping would not be an issue. Email me at donnie.winn@gmail.com to purchase or make an offer.